20 Festive Peppermint Drinks

Some of the best peppermint drinks you will love and that may even provide some health benefits this winter!

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Peppermint isn’t just a festive flavor – it also has health properties that we all could use this winter!

This aromatic herb is a natural muscle relaxer, decongestant, and energizer. The cool, refreshing flavor can also freshen our breath after a huge holiday meal. It’s no wonder why peppermint is so popular!

It’s easy to find peppermint drinks at coffee shops throughout the winter, but it doesn’t always make sense to leave the house.

Between snowstorms, seasonal illnesses, and not wanting to spend $5 on one serving at Starbucks, making a festive drink at home might be far more appealing.

These peppermint recipes include lattes, cocoa, and alcoholic beverages to spice up your menu this winter. Add the ingredients for these drinks to your shopping list today!

delicious peppermint drinks

Perfectly Peppermint Drinks

Whether you’re whipping up a beverage for yourself, your family, or a party, it’s hard to go wrong with a festive peppermint drink.

These creations can be modified to add color, cut calories, and remove animal-based products if desired.

A little bit of peppermint goes a long way, so reuse your leftover extract for your home, holiday gifts, or some Christmas cookies. This flavor isn’t in season year-round, so take advantage during the winter months before the annual peppermint hype dies down!

Other Festive Recipes You May Love

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