by Kenya Rae

I am so glad you stopped by and it is my sincere hope that you plan to stay around a while.

I am Kenya, a simple chick dead set on living an authentic life. Heeeey!

Even though it gets messy, and even downright ugly.  I have a strong desire to continue to do the work to be a good person, raising good people, and doing good with the time I am given.

Kenya Rae is a food and DIY lifestyle outlet. A place where we make food quick and build our homes with power tools AND love.

I want to show you that homemade does not mean hours in the kitchen and delicious can happen in thirty minutes. Because good food don't take all day!

In addition to providing the roof over my family’s heads, I am making it all kinds of comfortable, cozy, and cute. Because cute is really important.

None of it is perfect. But it's all done with love.

The kids aren't clean and waiting for daddy to get home quietly.

The little one is flipping, wrestling and tackling him when he walks in the door. No Lie!

A Little “Herstory”

This space has had many evolutions, as have I.

If you have been around you know that I started out a hodgepodge of a site called PinkLilliesandBG. Simply my favorite color, flowers and the nickname given to me by one of my favorite people – the hubs.

As life evolved it became, MyInnerB. It was at that time I realized how much people appreciated and related to my transparency.

But then after birthing another human and feeling like there was no room for my hobby of blogging I took some time off. It didn’t last and I realized this thing was more than a hobby, it became The Reflections of a Good Woman, something I always want to be.

When I learned more about blogging in general, the overly used term “branding”, and started to realize this could be MORE, I found several conflicts out there in the interwebs. So it then led to Womans Reflections.

People didn’t get it, and honestly, I didn’t either.

The ambiguity birthed the place I welcome you to now – Kenya Rae.

Kenya Rae What To Expect

What To Expect

I share my own reflections and life lessons through my kitchen, my home projects, and my life.

I am always trying to do more for less. I cook good food while maximizing on time. I do house projects that take effort but leave me loving my home that much more. And I do it all on a budget!

I am pretty transparent.

I believe that transparency and openly sharing allow us to be relatable and relate to others. When we share our journeys together, we enable each other to grow and not feel alone or isolated in difficult circumstances.

Because really who wants to be alone??

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How I Got Started Here

Like many people, I started blogging to write and vent. Essentially an online journal.

I finished up my MBA, which I did exceptionally well at, contrary to my undergrad experience, and I wanted to keep writing.

Coincidentally I started what some people would deem the “dream” job with the Department of Defense around the same time.

But it was not my dream.

Within months of being at my “Good Government Job” as people called it, I felt like I didn’t belong there and that was not the space God wanted me to stay.


My Story

After being fed up with being forced to go to a space day-in and day-out that I dreaded. Where days sometimes started with tears. A place I had to ask permission to be present for my family. I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore.

I left a pretty secure job, making “good” money, to live my life authentically and to be present for my family. To help inspire and motivate others to live an authentic life too.

With my husband in a similar space, we totally uprooted our life in August 2016.

We sold our house, quit our corporate jobs and with the money we made from the sale of our home we left the state we were born and raised in. All to create a new life and legacy for our blended family.

The ride has been a VERY bumpy one.  I will not sugar coat this and say and we lived happily ever after.  We have been through some thangs!

But we consistently work through them and try to grow from them and come out better and stronger on the other side of things.

I have listed some of the most popular content on my site below.  Those are a good starting point to see what I talk about around here.

What's Important To Me

My family means the world to me!  I take my role within each of their lives very seriously (maybe even too seriously at times).  My relationship with my daughter has been a hard one, but the one that has made me grow the most.  To look at myself, to examine myself, and to keep going even when I don't want to.

Interestingly enough some of the most popular posts on my site are about her in some capacity.  One of which is how she literally and figuratively changed my life and my life's path.  And then my position on being her friend.  I probably need to write a follow-up, because my opinion has changed a bit.  But most of that is still true in some capacity.

The older I get the more I value my friends and my real connections.  The people who go through the weeds with me, good and bad.  Not just surface level friendship.  Another one of the most popular posts around here is my reflection of friendship when I cut off my hair for my friend's mom at the point it had grown the longest it had ever been.

I'd do it again for her too!

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