5 Easy Tips for a Germ-Free Holiday

Nobody wants to be sick during the holidays, so these are a few simple tips to make sure your holiday is germ free!

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The holiday season is finally here, which means you will probably be attending multiple holiday parties, and maybe even hosting a holiday party of your own.  Then there is holiday shopping in those packed department and discount stores.

But while you may be basking in the glow of the holiday season, you might be forgetting about one of the negative aspects of this time of year. The holiday season also means we’ve entered germ season, too.

If you’re hoping to keep sickness at bay this Christmas, I’m here to help! As you plan your holiday festivities, keep these simple tips in mind for a germ-free holiday.

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Up Your Cleaning Routine To Keep Germs At Bay

While keeping your home clean throughout the year is a good idea, making sure your home stays clean during cold and flu season is imperative.

Make sure your house and family stay germ-free throughout the holidays by taking the time to disinfect the common rooms in your home – especially the kitchen and bathroom.

Then, spend extra time wiping down surfaces your family touches often, like light switches, doorknobs, and the remote control.  In fact, check out all of these places that most people forget to clean often, and clean all of them regularly!

Wash Your Hands To Get Rid Of Germs

One of the simplest ways to keep germs at bay is to make sure your hands are clean.

In addition to washing your hands after you cough or sneeze, it’s also important to remember to wash your hands before you eat, before and after you prepare food, and after using the bathroom.

And check this out to make sure you are washing your hands the right way!

And in addition to keeping your hands clean, it’s also a good idea to have hand sanitizer on hand for those times when you can’t get to a sink and soap.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet To Fight Off Germs

With all the sweet treats around during the holidays, it can be hard to eat healthily. But maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is essential to staying healthy during the cold season.

Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, add extra protein to your meals, and stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

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Get Plenty of Sleep To Help Build Immunity

In spite of your busy holiday schedule, making time to get a full night’s sleep each night is another simple way to stay germ-free during the holiday season.

Sleep helps your body rest and recharge, ensuring your immune system stays strong enough to fight off the germs you come in contact with throughout the day.  Check out the nighttime sleep routine that helps me be a better person, especially on weeknights.

Be Prepared To Fight Sickness

No matter how hard you try to keep germs at bay, chances are, someone in your family will inevitably get sick during the cold and flu season.

Make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked with your favorite cold medicine, and be sure to have a supply of disinfectant and hand sanitizer at home to prevent other family members from getting sick, too.

You can’t enjoy the holidays if you are under the weather.  So make sure you keep you and your family germ-free this holiday season so you can enjoy it fully!

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