The New, HOT, and (Of Course) Fresh Menu At PDQ

Yesterday I had the opportunity to +1 with a friend for a local Yelp Elite event trying the new menu at PDQ.

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I have to say that I love PDQ! I discovered them a little over a year ago when my family moved south. And as a no beef and pork family, it was nice to have another chicken centered business with fresh, healthy and tasty options.

Before the other night, I didn’t think there was much more I needed from PDQ to woo me.  Other than those zucchini fries I love from there. With a side of the sweet siracha, formerly known as the sweet heat sauce, vegetables never tasted so goooood!

Unfortunately, PDQ has now created conflict for me.

Prior to now, my go-to order was a 6 piece kids meal with zucchini fries.  With a side of Sweet BBQ sauce for the chicken, and sweet siracha for the fries.  With a bottled water, so I felt extra healthy.

Every time I go to order there now, I will be conflicted between all the awesome choices.

They recently had a menu overhaul with several, and I do mean a whole lot of tasty menu additions.

In addition to having great quality fast food that is prepared to order, they are also heavily involved in the communities they reside.

Offering discounts to the local first responders and also to veterans and military members as well.

What exactly does PDQ stand for?

People Dedicated to Quality.

And I’ll say, it’s a befitting name.

I have listed some of the menu selections we had the opportunity to try below.

Sample Selection for the New Menu At PDQ Restaurants

Yia Yia's Greek Salad
PDQ greek salad
grilled chicken, mixed greens, red bell peppers, marinated cucumbers & tomatoes, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, feta, hummus, pickled onion, lemon-chile vinaigrette


Corn Salad
PDQ chile lime corn
sautéed corn with feta & scallions
Tater Tots
PDQ tater tots
french fry alternate
Thai Peanut Bowl
PDQ Thai peanut bowl
crispy chicken, broccoli, mango salsa, peanuts, toasted coconut, rice, Thai peanut sauce
Queso Crunch Bowl
PDQ Queso crunch bowl
crispy chicken, black beans, chile-lime corn, salsa verde, grape tomatoes, queso drizzle, scallions, fritos®, rice
Pimento Crunch Chicken Sandwich
PDQ Pimento Crunch Sandwich
crispy chicken, homemade pimento cheese, bibb lettuce, sea salt potato chips, bacon

PDQ birthed from the Mom and Pop North Carolina restaurant, Tenders.  The two PDQ owners were searching for a restaurant focused on people and quality.  Tenders restaurant was just what they were looking for.  From it, the first official PDQ location was opened in Tampa, Florida.  And its growth has been spreading like wildfire.

There are now locations in 11 of the 50 states and steadily spreading.

Have you dined at a PDQ restaurant before?  What was your experience?

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  1. YUM! This looks and sounds so good! I don’t think we have this in Phoenix, do we?! It’s such a big city sometimes I miss the awesome openings!

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