21 Places You Probably Forget to Clean Regularly

Change is in the air.  Literally and figuratively speaking. Because around here, the days are getting longer and the temperature is slowly rising. And let me tell you that I am here for every bit of it!

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This is my second year in North Carolina and the first one had me fooled. Outside of the hurricane Matthew storm, the weather overall was mild and desirable. This year, not so much.

I am more than ready to have a fresh start and wake up to the rays of the sun and moisture in the air.

But while we don't have control over the transitions of the season, we most certainly can prepare for it and be ready, right?

Cleaning is one of the ways I like to prepare. The spring transition is the perfect time to give my living space some special attention.

I have compiled a list of places to clean that you may not think about regularly.

And if you do these regularly, just know you are a better person than me.  😛

21 places you probably forget to clean regularly

Ceiling fans. The blades of the fan accumulate dust and dirt, especially in the dry winter months. Before you turn them on for the season grab a duster and wipe the dust off the blades and the light fixtures of your ceiling fans. Your allergies will thank you for it.

The Weird, Easy Trick for Cleaning Dusty Ceiling Fans

Baseboards. While I try to give the baseboards attention at least once a month. It doesn’t always work out that way. If you look down there you will probably see that dirt, dust, and grime have accumulated there. A bucket filled with your favorite cleaner and hot water, along with a scrub rug will take care of that.

Cabinet tops. Not to be confused with the counters. I am talking that space above the cabinets and the ceiling. You’d be surprised what collects up there. Especially if you fry food. A sticky substance will form over time from the accumulation of the grease and heat.

Keep Your Cabinet Tops Grease and Dust Free

Under bed. A few years back we bought a bed that has drawers under it. Best thing EVER!  Because I can not tell you how often I would lose something, only to find it under the bed. Now is a good time to go collect all your treasure from under the bed if you have open space under there.

Pillows (including throw pillows). We wash sheets regularly but often forget about pillows. Now is a good time to give your pillows, including those on your couch and decorative spaces a good wash.

Door handles, knobs and light switches. If you don’t make it a regular practice to wipe these spaces. This is a good time to go through and disinfect these spaces. They are carriers of many germs and it is actually helpful to help prevent or stop the spread of sickness in your home as well.

Vents and air returns (change filter). These can sometimes be a pain to get to, particularly if they are in the ceiling. But now is a good time to take the cover off and clean it, as well as grabbing the vacuum hose and doing a spruce up around the part of the vent you can see.

How To Clean Vents {And Keep Them Clean!}

Toaster and small appliances. These are the countertop appliances. This is the perfect time to clean the accumulated crumb catching and such left behind from regular use of these appliances.

How To Clean Your Toaster So It Looks New

Behind appliances like oven and fridge. Pull those appliances out and sweep the floor. Wipe down walls and the sides of the appliances where things may have run down them in daily use.

Microwave vent fan. If your microwave has a vent fan. The filter on it can be cleaned and/or changed. Especially if your microwave is above the stove, it is subject to food splatter and what it that can be cleaned away easily.

How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood Filter

Behind and bottom of the toilet. Now I will say I stay on top of cleaning the bottom of the toilet when I clean the bathroom. But behind the toilet for some reason just escapes me. Both places that dirt and moisture can accumulate causing a yucky mess over time.

Washing machine and dryer. While we think these appliances are for cleaning so essentially they must stay clean, this is not true. The washing machine and dryer occasionally need a good wipe down and sprucing up to stay working at its best capacity.

How to Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine

Coffee Maker (how to clean the Keurig). We use it daily but how often do we disassemble the coffee maker and clean it. If you are not sure how to clean it.

Here you go.How to Descale & Clean Your Keurig Brewer

Trash can. The bottom of the trash can collect all kinds of yuck that can go unseen. Take your trash can and wipe the inside down with your favorite cleaner and hot water to eliminate the yuck.

Upholstery. Curtains and things can use an occasional washing too. This is the perfect time to take down your drapes and curtains and have them cleaned or wash them. Be sure to follow the instructions noted on the tag.

Dishwasher. Another place we assume it cleans so it must be clean. But food particles and such often get caught up in the drain of the dishwasher and can affect performance.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher and How Often You Should Do It

Inside fridge. Outside of removing old food that looks like it was one of the kids' science experiment. You can also take out the drawers and remove items off the shelf to give them a good wipe down and remove any sticky, yucky residue.

Stoves. Most ovens now days are self-cleaning on the inside. Thankfully we are not subject to the spray, sit and scrub method of those before us. But we probably forget to flick the switch too unless something drops down in the bottom of the oven and makes a smoky mess.

In addition, there are differences in cleaning the different types of stoves as well.

  • Gas. Remove burner eyes and clean down in there removing accumulated crud and crumbs. Also, consider using liners to make this process even easier.

How to Clean Gas Cooktop Grates and Burners

  • Electric. You have electric eye stoves and then glass top stoves. Both are different to clean. Here is help with both types:

How To Clean Electric Stove Coils

How To Clean a Glass Top Stove

Mattress. Just like pillows, we forget about cleaning our mattresses. If you use a bed liner like me. This is a good time to replace it and get a new one. Or at least wash the one you have, if it is still in good condition.

How To Clean Your Mattress

Toothbrush holder. Have you ever looked down at that thing? It is a reservoir of grime. From removing and replacing your wet toothbrush the moisture and whatnot accumulates and occasionally needs to be cleaned. A good practice is to do this when you replace your toothbrushes at a minimum.

Remote Controls.  Like doorknobs and light switches, remotes are a breeding grounds for germs that we don't really think about.  Using a Lysol wipe occasionally to wipe remotes down help keep them clean and not sticky from the kids' fingers.  But it also helps keep down on the germs.

There you have it. A full list of places you may be forgetting to clean regularly.

And trust me, there is no judgment here because as I made this list, some of these were my own personal reminders.

Anything I forgot off the list?  Lemme know in the comments.

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