18 Easy Tips To Have A Cleaner Home This Year

In these last few days of the year, are you cleaning for the new year ahead?  Let's talk about how to make your new year house cleaning last all year long.  A simple guide to keep your house clean and tidy in the new year doing some simple & easy things on a regular basis, can make this your best year yet!

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We are just a few days away from the start of another New Year. While I don't personally make any resolutions, I keep telling myself I am always trying to do better with staying on top of house cleaning.

As a quick start, you can knock out These 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Home More Organized  Before The New Year.

But if you desire to get it clean and keep it clean throughout the new year, you have plenty of time, and this will help you with that!

how to keep a clean and tidy home

The start of a new year is the perfect time to resolve to keep your home clean. And you don't have to spend the last couple days of the year getting it done, in order to remain consistant throughout the year.

Unless you want to!

If you need a fresh starting point, this list will help you kick off your new year cleaning today, tomorrow or whenever you decide to get started.

While it’s tempting to make a big resolution to keep your house spotless all year long, and there are definitely benefits to having and keeping a clean home, you’re more likely to stick to your plan if you make several smaller resolutions you can tackle each day. At least, that is what is true for me.

These simple tasks will make keeping your home clean this year a breeze.

make the bed

Make Your Bed

When I was younger my mom insisted that my bed be made up daily.  And back then, it annoyed me so much.  Because I didn’t understand the point.  I was just going to get back in it anyway.

But as I got older, I got it.  Making the bed made the room feel a little bit cleaner.

Resolve to start each day by making your bed. A made bed will instantly brighten up the bedroom and make the entire room look cleaner and more organized.

And getting in the habit of straightening your sheets each morning may help you stay motivated to keep the rest of that room clean throughout the day.

Other Things To Do To Keep Your Bedroom Clean:

  • Hang any unworn/clean clothes laying around
  • Put any dirty clothes left on the floor or bed in the hamper
  • Remove receipts or unneeded papers lying around and throw them away
  • Remove unneeded items from the nightstand

keep closets clean

Keep Closets Clutter Free

My closet has historically been my dumping ground.

I use to think I couldn’t keep it together because it was too small.  And now I have a full walk-in closet to myself that I still can’t seemingly keep order in.

I have a habit of leaving fold clothes in piles rather than hanging up.  Or stepping out of my shoes in the middle of the closet and leaving them.

Making your home’s closets clutter free is the best way to keep the rest of your home organized throughout the year.

In addition to creating space to store items in your home, an organized closet will also make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for each time you open the closet doors.

Other Things To Do In Storage Spaces To Keep The Clutter Free

  • Go through cabinets and remove old items and cleaning supplies
  • Organize things by season in storage spaces for decor
  • Make sure all things in closets and cabinets have dedicated spaces

keep bathroom clean

Wipe Down the Bathroom

While you should make an effort to deep clean your bathroom once a week, wiping down the surfaces in the room will make a huge difference from day to day.

Before heading to bed each night, take a moment to wipe the toilet, sink, countertop, and faucet with a disinfectant wipe.

Other Things To Do To Keep The Bathroom Clean

  • Clean shower/tub after each use
  • Remove dirty towels and wash immediately
  • Wipe mirror down to remove splashed water spots and grim

cleaning supplies for keeping home clean and tidy

Keep Cleaning Supplies Clean

The best way to ensure your cleaning supplies are doing their job is to take care of them.

That means cleaning and disinfecting your cleaning supplies on a regular basis. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your mop heads, sponges, and scrub brushes after each use and allow to dry in a well-ventilated area.

To keep your vacuum in good working order, clean the filter regularly, empty and clean the canister or vacuum bag after each use, and make sure the hoses and attachments are clear of clogs and debris on a regular basis.

Keep Countertops Clear

Your kitchen is probably your home’s most trafficked room.   And while I love nothing more than clean kitchen counters, it often feels impossible.

Keep the kitchen looking clean all year long by making sure your countertops are clear throughout the day. Keep dirty dishes at bay by placing them directly in the dishwasher or washing them after use.

Clean up after each meal by soaking pans and dishes with stuck-on debris before sitting down to eat. And don’t forget to end your day by wiping down the countertops to remove spills and crumbs before heading to bed.

Other Things To Do To Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Clutter Free

  • Get rid of expired food from fridge weekly
  • Check dates on canned and boxed goods regularly
  • Go through the mail and get rid of junk mail immediately

It can be so hard to keep with your home, especially with an active family. Instead of letting overwhelm take over, make small steps to maintain between deep cleanings.  And for deep cleaning make sure you don't miss the most missed places when house cleaning.

Also, having everyone chip in on the cleaning can make things more manageable.

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Are you trying to do better with keeping your house up?

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