Get Your Home More Organized With These 5 Simple Steps Before The New Year

The biggest trick to keeping a clean home is getting your home organized.

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Getting Your Home Organized

The new year is always a good time to press the reset button and vow to do better.  It’s something about the restart of the calendar that makes you try to press the restart button on any area of your life that you feel could use it.

Getting your home organized and then keeping your home organized is a popular new year’s resolution – and for good reason! An organized home will help reduce stress and make keeping your house clean so much easier.

But organizing your entire home can be a daunting task. To ensure you keep your resolutions in the new year, consider making these five simple resolutions for a more organized home before the new year even arrives.

Get Your Home More Organized With These 5 Steps Before The New Year


The best way to keep your home organized throughout the year is to remove as much clutter from the space as possible.

Go through each room and decide what items you’ll keep and which you’ll toss. A good rule of thumb when decluttering is to throw out (or donate) any items that you haven’t used in the past 90 days or don’t plan to use in the next 90 days.

Removing unneeded items will make organizing your home much easier.

Make a Place for Everything

To stay organized, you have to designate a spot for everything inside your house. Then, you must stay committed to keeping it there.

Take cues from the clutter you currently have when deciding where things go. For example, if your family always piles their shoes and coats by the door as they come in, add a coat rack and shoe storage in that spot.

Take it Room by Room

Organizing your entire home at once can seem like an overwhelming task.

Breaking down your efforts by room can make the job a little easier to manage. To ensure that you are able to keep organized, make a plan for each room and stick to it.

Divide each room into sections and create storage spaces for each section of the room. That way, you’ll be sure to have a place for everything in each room, which will keep the area from becoming re-cluttered after you have decluttered.

Go to Bed with a Clean Slate

At the end of each day, take five to 10 minutes to tidy up the entire house before you go to bed.

home organization before bed

Put everything in its designated place, finish the dishes, put the laundry away, and straighten the furniture. Taking these moments in the evening will ensure you wake up to a tidy home the next day.

The One in, One Out Rule

Following this simple rule will help you stay organized and clutter-free throughout the entire year.

For every one thing you bring into your home, you should remove one thing. That way, each new item is simply replacing an old item instead of adding to the clutter.

Every home dynamic is different and therefore will run differently.  We each have to find what works for us and our dynamic.  It is my hope that these 5 foundational tips move you in the right direction to a more organized home in the new year!

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