5 Common Home Repairs Anyone, Including You, Can Do On Your Own

Home repairs can be scary and even keep some from home ownership.  But there are some home repairs that should cause no fear because these common home repairs pretty much anyone can do.  Even you!

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When something breaks around your house, it’s tempting to call in a professional to take care of the problem. But before you pick up the phone the next time something breaks, consider handing the repairs yourself.

There are a variety of small projects around your house you can easily tackle yourself with some basic tools and a little know-how. And if you don't know what basic tools you should have on hand you can check out my complete list of essential tools you should have on hand. 

Here are five common home repairs anyone can do themselves.

And by anyone I mean you!

5 Common Home Repairs Every Home Owner Can Do

modern bathroom

Broken Toilet

While repairing plumbing issues in your home is intimidating, fixing a broken toilet usually isn’t a big problem. A clogged toilet can easily be fixed by using a plunger to unstick the clog from the pipes.

And if your toilet is continually running, you probably need to replace the flapper or fill valve – both of which are a common and simple repair that doesn’t even require the use of tools.


If you see light coming through the bottom of your door or sides of your window, that means air is escaping from your home.

These drafts can cost you big bucks on your utility bills if they’re not taken care of. Luckily, you don’t need to hire a professional to fix the problem.

Simply purchase a package of foam weather stripping and follow the instructions on the package. Another simple solution to fix drafty window is caulk – another easy fix you can handle yourself.

Damaged Wall

A hole in a wall can happen in the blink of an eye.  My kids have been flipping, wrestling and roughhousing and ended up with a hole in the wall.

If you have boys, this may happen more than once over the years.

If you have a scratch, dent, or hole in your drywall, no need to call a contractor to handle the fix. You can easily patch damaged drywall with tape, drywall mud, and sandpaper. And if you have a small hole or crack that needs to be repaired, simply adding a little drywall compound to the damaged area and sanding it smoothly is all you need to do.

repairing a deck

Deck Repair

If your outdoor deck has a warped board, wobbly railing or missing screws, don’t call a repairman. You can easily fix these issues yourself with a few basic tools. Depending on the issue, you may only need a hammer and nails!

daylght coming through the window

Window Screens

Are the screens in your windows ripped or falling out? This is an easy fix you can tackle in an afternoon. Simply remove the damaged screen from the window or screen door, then replace it with a new screen. Finish by filling in the edges with a new spline to secure the screen in place and enjoy the beautiful weather with your windows open!

Some people fear home ownership for the perceived amount of responsibility.  But I can tell you that the one R, reward, outweighs the other, responsibility.

5 Common Home Repairs Anyone, Including You, Can Do Themselves

These are 5 simple projects that even you should not let stop you from owning a home.

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