5 Things You Should Do Every Day to Keep Your Home Clean

Trying to keep your home clean and organized can sometimes feel overwhelming. And I honestly feel, that with each person that has been added to the home, the more impossible it feels to have a clean home.

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Just me? I digress…

I have found that the best way to keep a tidy home is to make cleaning an ongoing process.  And to make sure everyone, no matter how small, takes part in it.

Luckily there are a few simple things you can do for a couple of minutes every day that will keep your home looking and feeling clean all week long.

5 Things You Should Do Every Day to Keep Your Home Clean

Wipe Down the Bathroom

The bathroom is a room where dirt and grime can quickly build up, so taking a few minutes each morning to wipe the surfaces throughout the room can make a world of difference.

Make sure all personal products are put away, then wipe away makeup residue, toothpaste drips, water marks, and stray hair from the counters. A quick sweep of the floor each morning can also help to combat a messy bathroom.

unmade bed

Make Your Bed

When I was young my mom use to insist that my bed not only be made up but made up right.

I am now the same way with my children.  Even when their rooms are not as clean as I would like them to be, the bed being made makes a HUGE difference.  Not to mention, it just feels better to get into a made bed at the end of the day.

Making your bed every morning will instantly make your room look cleaner and more organized. Make it a habit to make your bed as soon as you wake up to start your day on the right foot.

Keep Clothing and Shoes Put Away

My closet had gotten so bad because I wasn’t putting up the laundry my husband folded every week.  Instead, I let it pile up in piles. To the point that I had to set aside a whole chunk of time to get the closet back together.

Clothing and shoes are probably the biggest clutter makers in any home. In addition to causing an eyesore in the room, clothing and shoes that are out of place also make it difficult to clean around.

Make sure dirty clothes are placed in the hamper as soon as they are taken off.  And that clean clothes are immediately put in the proper place when the laundry is done. Just doing this has allowed me about a 90-day streak of my closet still being clean.  And honestly, it feels so much better and is easier to find what I am looking for when I go to get dressed.

Not only will it make your home look much cleaner, but taking the time to put things away will make getting ready in the morning so much faster and easier.

magazines on desk

Go Through Your Mail

Mail has to be the bain of my existence.  My hubby and I just had a conversation about how we can do better with not letting mail take over all the spaces in our home.

It starts on the counter.  Then when it piles up there we sat it on the stairs to take to the office.  And then it sits on one of our desks until we file it or throw it away. It's just tew much!!

Since mail comes every day, it can easily get out of hand if it isn’t managed on a daily basis. Throw away junk mail immediately.  Then file important pieces of mail like bills in their corresponding place.

Read and discard of magazines and newspapers soon, as well, or they will begin to clutter your home too.

Clean Your Kitchen Before Bed

One of the last things you should do each day is clean up the kitchen. The kitchen is probably the room with the most traffic, which means it gets the dirtiest each day.

And since you prepare food there, it can also be a breeding ground for germs. To ensure that you have a clean and healthy home, you must focus your attention on this room every day.

Clear the sink of any dirty dishes, wipe off the countertops, sweep crumbs from the floor, and clean the stovetop before heading to bed.

If you are like me, you love a clean home.  But trying to keep your home clean can get so overwhelming when you let it go too far.  I hope these tips help you stay on top of it.

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