11 of My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Every Kitchen Needs

There are few things that make me happier than kitchen gadgets.  I guess that’s something my momma passed down to me.

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In my twenties, I talked about my mom and her collection of kitchen gadgets.  Now in my thirties, I am trying to keep up.  Lol.

My hubby predicted it.  He said, “just you wait until we have more room and more green.  This too will be you!”

He was right, but so what.  Kitchen gadgets are minimally priced and offer mad convenience.  I’ll take it!

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So here are my favorites right now.

11 Kitchen Gadgets You Need In Your Kitchen Now

Collapsible Colander

Have you ever found yourself trying to rinse your fruits, veggies, or whatever and had the strainer flip in the sink?

No? Just me?

Well, let me be the first to tell you if you haven’t had that happen, you don’t want to have it happen.  I can't stand having to dig my food out of the sink and drain.  One of thee most frustrating things.  This handy kitchen gadget prevents that from happening and frees up both hands so you can rinse your foods.

And it being collapsible, is an added bonus that makes for easy storage.

Apple Slicer

This, my friend, is one of my most favorite and long-standing kitchen gadgets.  I remember years ago when I first got this thing.  My initial thought was that it was pure genius.

I don’t like biting into a cold apple because I have sensitive teeth.  But contrarily, I have always disliked trying to cut apple slices with a knife.

Insert the apple slicer.  This thing gives you perfectly sliced apples and removes the core with the seeds so easy.  I use it daily for my little apple eater.  Worth every single penny.

Banana Hanger

I love kitchen gadgets that help me free up counter space.  For the longest, I used a banana hanger that goes on the counter.  I hated the space it took up.  With this under-cabinet banana hanger, I can hang one of my families, favorite fruits and still have my countertops free of clutter.

Corn Stripper

My kiddo lost both of his front teeth recently.  Poor fella loves to eat corn, and every time I would make it on the cob I would have to have hubby strip it with a knife.  Enter the Corn Stripper! Game changed!

This gadget also makes it nice and easy to use fresh corn in recipes and such without it being a hassle.  Small price for a great amount of convenience.

If you know nothing else about me, know that I will pay for convenience.

Avocado Saver

Ever cut an avocado but only needed half of it?  But you feel like you have to use it all because if you don’t there is no way to preserve it without it turning brown?

Well, here you go!  This avocado fresh saver is perfect for that scenario!

Silicone Strainer

Cooking pasta and having to drain it can be a pain.  I often find myself wetting up the pot holders and burning myself because those things hold heat! *ouch*

But not no more.  With this silicone strainer, it attaches to the pot and lets you move your hands to a more optimal spot so that you don’t burn yourself.

Pineapple Corer And Peeler

I loooove, LOVE love pineapple.  But I hate cutting them.  And my husband who usually doesn't mind taking the knife from me is not a fan of cutting fresh pineapple either.

But with this, you can have fresh pineapple with the convenience of canned pineapple.  And with summertime, it is the right time for a fresh pineapple!

Strawberry Huller

This little gadget here is the bomb.com! Remove the green part of the strawberries and enjoy the full berry with this strawberry huller.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Can you tell I have a thing for avocado?

This thing is an avocado dream.  It helps your cut, pit, and then slice your avocado.  I mean it's the next best thing to having it served to you at a restaurant right?

No more making a mess while trying to get the pit out of the avocado with a spoon.  Just me? Okay, whatever.

Anyhoo, this makes life easy.  I like easy.  You like easy.

Egg Separator

This is the kitchen gadget, I would have never imagined I would need.  But with starting to bake and make things from scratch more often, I have found that separating my eggs to be a necessity.

In scratch made pancakes it makes a huge difference.  And it is also one of those tools that let you get the benefit of freeing up your hands.

Look Ma! No hands…lol

Crinkle Cutting Veggie & French Fry Cutter + Peeling Tool

Fresh cut fries are my jam!

But you know what is not??? Cutting them with a knife…. No, ma’am.

Prior to getting this little tool, the only time I would get fresh cut fries was at the fair, or if I went over my momma’s.  Daddy makes a mean fresh knife-cut french fry.  Not me.  And now you don't even have to!

Oh, and it works on veggies too! So if you wanna be healthy and fancy too. There you go!

Alright.  There you have it.

Are there any of your favs that I left off the list?

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