How To Get Rid Of Mice For Under $20

If you are reading this you either have had a mouse you needed to get rid of,  you need to get rid of mice (or a mouse) right now, or you just want to laugh at my pain…

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Not long ago, I was terrified that the mice we had were gonna multiply and take over. I kept reading about how they could live in the walls, and how they actively reproduce.  Once I realized and confirmed we had a mouse or possibly mice, I had to get rid of them, any and all mice that were in my home, before I lost my mind.

Let me start by saying that just because you have this problem does not mean you are dirty. In fact, people who keep the cleanest homes are even subject to these little pesky rodents.

I say this because I struggled BIG TIME with having a mouse.  It made me feel like I wasn’t cleaning my house efficiently. I mean I hadn’t been as pristine about it as I once was.  But certainly not bad enough to be put in a position to have to figure out how I would get rid of mice.

I still don’t know the exact reason we had a mouse.  But I have woods on the back and left side of my house. And when I was in Lowe’s buying up all the traps, a lady shopping for some too comforted me by saying, “oh honey, that’s nothing but a field mouse” in the sweetest southern draw.

It made me feel a little better. But I ain’t gone lie and tell you that it still didn’t have me messed up.

How to know if you have a mouse


Mice leave these nasty little pellets that look like black rice pretty much everywhere they have been.

They have no bladder control. So that’s the biggest sign.


Next, they can nibble through about anything.

I started finding random things in my pantry with holes in them. Ramen noodles and potato chips were my mouses favorite.  When I saw those things at first I thought the kids did them.  But once I realized there were droppings and did the math, I knew my children were not to blame, this time…

And the dead giveaway was his nibbles on my beloved avocados in the basket on the counter.

The avocados are where I drew the line.

I had come home feeling like I had gotten rid of him because my hubby had found one in a trap in the garage. So I went through and cleaned and wiped stuff down, reclaiming my territory.  Thinking that the problem was solved!

I admit, I had fallen off on weekly grocery shopping. Because I wasn’t gonna keep feeding him (them).

So I went grocery shopping and stocked back up. Came home, kicked up my feet. And felt quite victorious.

Until I woke up the next morning, and there were nibbles on my DAMN AVOCADO again!!! ????

At that moment is when it was all out war!!

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I got on Amazon and ordered a night camera.  Not only did I order it, but thanks to the awesomeness that is Amazon Prime, I was able to order same day shipping.  The universe was on my side!

I needed to see him with my own eyes. Where he was coming from. What he was doing. I NEEDED to see him.

And guess what…

I did!

That little bugger was coming up from behind the stove. Even after we put traps on each side he still managed.

So first I set up glue traps and a homemade setup I saw online with grease in a bowl.

And the next morning, I watched him work his way around all my traps on the camera footage.

I was pissed.

So I got on YouTube and found a guy with a channel that was all about mouse traps. He reviewed them and showed how they worked.

I found him looking for ways to electrocute a mouse. Listen, I was desperate don’t judge me.

And I found a solution too! On his channel, he shared an electric device that was like fifty bucks.  I considered, but I could see my husband's side-eye in my daydream bubble.   I was just trying to avoid two things:

  • Feeding them poison and they die inside my walls somewhere and make my house smell.
  • Having to have pest control come out.  Because I didn’t want that ticket.

Hubby advised that if I kept ordering stuff we were gonna surpass the price of pest control.

I told him I had one more trick up my sleeve. He agreed and scheduled for pest control to come out still.  He didn't have faith yall…

Looking back I realize he saw how crazy this mouse was driving me and the vendetta I had out for this mouse.

The guy was scheduled to come out Friday.

What Finally Worked To Get Rid of Mice For Me

how to get rid of mice

Monday I ordered the walk the plank mousetrap. Wednesday it was on my porch.

I set it up Wednesday night using peanut butter, and some peanut butter crackers. I. Was. Gone. Win!

Next morning I watched “Jerry” go on the plank and nibble on the snacks without planking.  I realized I made a mistake. I put the treat back far enough that he didn’t feel compelled to walk out to nibble on it.

Thursday night, I set it back up. With all snacks on the very end. I even think the night before had built his trust too. These things are smart. I now understand why they get tested on.

I was OVERJOYED when I woke up and watched the video, which had been my new routine. And I watched him climb, walk the plank, and I heard him plunk to the bottom.

I didn’t get the joy of coming down and seeing him compromised. Hubby cleaned it all up before I got downstairs.

But was almost two months ago and I am happy to report there have been no traces of mice activity since.

You can watch this video to see just how the walk the plank apparatus works.

That, my friends, was the best 18.99 I have spent in a good while.

If you have a need to get rid of a mouse (or mice) take my recommendation and save yourself some frustration.

Order Now

Thank me later!

Have you ever had to deal with mice? How did you get rid of them?

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