9 Taco Bowls Your Going To Wanna Make This #TacoTuesday

If you have hung out around here for any amount of time you know that Taco Tuesday is a real thing in my house. And what better way to fulfill a taco fix than with some delicious taco salad recipes?

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There is not a taco I have met that I didn't love. And if you combine taco + salad and let me think I am being healthy, you can't tell me I ain't winning.  Well, you could but I wouldn't believe you.

So I wanted to share a variety of different taco salad recipes that are sure to fit your fancy for the next Taco Tuesday. And just in case you have questions… I have answers!

What Goes in a Taco Salad?

This is what I love about taco salad. Anything you can dream of can go into it. But here is the catch, it typically has some sort of taco seasoning or ingredients. Things like tomatoes, black beans, and corn.

It also can be made with any variety of meat and has lettuce in most cases.

How Do I Make Taco Salad?

Taco Salad is so easy. You simply just prepare all of your ingredients and combine them and voila! You have an amazingly delicious and flavorful salad.

Is a Taco Salad Healthy?

I always say that healthy is subjective.

Taco salads that are loaded with tons of tortilla chips or shells are gonna be high in caloric count. But choosing to go with fat-free ingredients like sour cream, cheese, and other low-fat items can yield a flavorful, healthy meal option.

9 Deliciously Taco-ey Taco Salad Recipes

Taco Salad Recipes

Insanely delicious taco salad recipes!

Other Taco Related Recipes:

Now if that does not give you your taco salad fix, I honestly don't know what will.

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