Why I Chose Slate Appliances Over Stainless Steel

When it came time to purchase appliances I knew slate appliances were my choice hands down!

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It’s hard to believe that we have been in our house for a full year now.  Time flies when you are having fun right?

As I sit here looking at all the work that we have done in the house, particularly the kitchen I am truly amazed.

It is a reminder to stay open and flexible when you have ideas. But know what to be flexible on.

For me in my kitchen the two things I knew off the top as my non-negotiables were:

  1. I had to have slate appliances
  2. The color of my cabinets had to be in the gray family

I also wanted to do wood butcher block countertops, but because we could not do them before we moved in, I had to create another alternative idea.  Now that the madness is over, I am super happy with the decision to paint my countertops.

I love the way it accents my gray cabinets, and now the other components that have been added.

Altogether the cabinets, appliances, and countertops flow very well.

Are Slate Appliances Easy To Clean?

GE slate stove fridge and microwave

Slate appliances are sleek and stylish like stainless steel, but without being high maintenance.

While the handles are still stainless steel and require regular cleaning, the surface does not show every time someone has touched the fridge.  And with little fingers in the house, I appreciate this more than you will ever know.

Additionally, slate appliances do not require any special or fancy cleaners to clean them.  I typically just wipe them down with a damp rag and they are as beautiful as the day we first got them!

Is Slate The New Stainless Steel?

I think that slate is a great alternative for people who don’t like the maintenance that comes with stainless steel.

I always felt like I couldn't keep my appliances clean in the old house.  And I hated that I had to buy a special cleaner to even get it clean.

I feel like it offers the same durability and sleek look as stainless, and also has a warmer feel with the brownish color.

What Makes Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel?

Unlike stainless steel, the slate appliances have a matte finish that helps them to resist or at least now show fingerprints easily.

It is engineered for durability and versatility, while still being stylish and beautifully modern.

Why I Chose Slate Appliances

For all the reasons listed above, it only made sense.  I strongly recommend slate appliances as an alternative to stainless steel especially if you are a family with young children.
They are modern and functional and really that sums up just about everything I need in my life these days.

And now that RJ is old enough to go in the fridge for his snacks and drinks by himself, and the teen is the regular operator of the dishwasher, it saves to time and energy from having to obsessively clean my kitchen.

I went with the following slate appliances:
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Are you looking to buy appliances soon?  If so, have you looked at slate as an option?

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  1. We just bought a new (old) house and the kitchen needs a total reno. I’m really excited because our last and previous houses were almost new when we moved in and it seemed a waste to replace like-new items! Anyway, I was researching Slate appliances and found your post, you have convinced me! I love the warm, cozy, comfortable feel of your kitchen. It really stands out in the sea of bland white kitchens all over the internet. Thanks so much

  2. Hi Kenya!!

    We are having a home built, and I’m in love with the slate appliances, I’m wondering if they will match the colors we have chosen for our kitchen! We have children/pets so I love that you said they are easy to keep clean!! That definitely makes a huge difference!! Our colors are grey bottoms and island, white uppers, and our countertop is called New Calendonia granite!!! I’m thinking the slate will look beautiful, but I don’t know!! People are turning their nose up to our two tone cabinet idea, but personally it makes more sense to me with a toddler, teen and dog with hopefully more on the way!! Thank you in advance for your opinion!! 🙂

    1. Elizabeth!! you are my people. We are now building a new home and I too plan to to the white upper and the gray lower to minimize the grime I imagine kids and pets leave with white cabinets, but to still get that airy feeling that white kitchens have. DO IT! I think Slate would work beautifully. I honestly want to do it again cause i love it so much and its not as common!

  3. Hi Kenya!

    I’m prepping for a kitchen remodel. I’m going with slate appliances (GE Profile) however, GE doesn’t offer a gas cook top in slate. Do I go with a black stainless or just stainless gas cook top? I’m perplexed! Also, what finish do I go with for the sink faucet and cabinet pulls? HELP!!!!!!

    1. How exciting!!

      I personally would go with stainless for the cooktop. My appliances have stainless accents so if I had that decision to make I would go stainless. Black would be a little off I think. I went with satin for my kitchen faucet. You can see it here in my sink update reveal.

      What color are your cabinets? I have bronze pulls on my cabinets, but they are grey. That post has a pic of them, but it made me realize I never did a reveal of my finished kitchen cabinets. I better get on top of that I suppose.

      I hope that helps. But let me know if you still have questions.

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