8 Things I Think About When Marriage is Hard

Gratitude can change your whole view of something.  And sometimes it is the very thing you need when marriage gets hard.

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I love to reflect over how my husband loves me. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in adulting and the motions that I don't take the time to just rest in a space of thankfulness for what I have. For what we have together.

So I wrote out a list of things that he does or ways that he shows he loves me.

Gratitude for when marriage gets hard

marriage is hard


I use to always say I didn't think I would get married because it would take a special kind of man to deal with me. Well god heard me loud and clear and he sent the perfect man to put up with me and deal with all my stuff. And he's so patient with me.

Even when I'm being a brat he gently puts me back in a positive space. Oh how I love him for that. It has truly shown me some things about what real love looks like.


My friends, and even my mom, always make jokes about how protective he can be about me and the kids. He goes above and beyond to make sure we are protected.

I remember when I first started working downtown how he drove me down there so I could map out parking, the way I'd walk to get to the building, and even put some mace in my purse. From day one he would text me to make sure I made it into the office safely.

Being that I grew up without that kind of covering and protection from a father I surely appreciate it.


This dude will go to the earths end to make sure we have all of what we need and most of what we want.

He makes sacrifices, and without complaint about it.

Since we moved here and went down to one income, he keeps talking about getting a second job. I asked him why and he said because although we have what we need he knows I sacrificed some of my wants for this and he likes me to have what I want.

I appreciate that about him. Lucky for him, time with him is more important than anything he can go buy me. If I can help it, he's not getting a second job.


I can not explain how this man will sacrifice. I am gonna tell you a story, but I want you to remember this is about his sacrifice and not about my brattiness. MmKay?

So I had a Honda Crosstour. Loved, loved, LOVED that thing.

marriage is hard

When my lease was up I went and bought another car. One of the things I loved most about the Crosstour was the roominess and how safe it felt in the snow.

The first bout of wind we got that new car crossed lanes and I said awwww hayle naw. Hubby took the six month old car and let me turn in his car to get me another Crosstour. Even though he wanted to go get him a truck.

He has his truck now, and I have moved on from the Crosstour altogether.  But I am forever grateful for his willingness to let me have what I wanted.

Encourages me

He believes in my vision. Whether it be a decor idea for our home or my business. He believes in it and helps me execute when needed.

Every home we have had when I came with my ideas for how I would decorate the rooms he'd say “you sure?”  When I confirmed I was sure he'd get the supplies and get the job done. Only stopping to confirm if he thought something wasn't right.

When we moved and I started blogging and designing sites full time I know it would (and still does) annoy him how I am glued to my computer. So I thought.

One day I opened my computer up after he had left for work, and I found the sweetest card saying that he believes in me. I shed a thug tear. That meant so much to me. I love that he believes in me even when I doubt myself.

Tea Time

It all started with his own insomnia. Being fed up and deciding he was gonna try something to get some rest he started using sleepytime tea. He ended up getting some good rest for a few nights. Being the sweet heart that he is he couldn't keep it to himself. It became part of his night time routine.  Around the time I take my shower, he goes and makes us some tea before bed.

My brother bought a us a tea maker for Christmas and that thing has been getting all kinds of usage. Even more than the Keurig since I quit coffee for those thirty days.

I say all this to say that sometimes we have to stop and think about all that someone does for us, how they make us feel and how they truly try to show love. And just be thankful for it.

If you are not sure how you receive love and what makes you feel loved, you should take the Five Love Languages Quiz.

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