How and Why I Gave Up Coffee For a Full Month

Are you a coffee drinker?

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If you have a love for the caffeine goddess, morning starter and mood calmer that is coffee, this may not be for you.

Contrarily if you have unresolved acne and you love coffee, you may need to keep reading.

I always attributed my bad skin to two things:

  • Genetics
  • The water in Cleveland…. have you seen Lake Erie??

So when we moved I just knew my skin would clear up – at least some. I dreamed of having that glow I see happening on Instagram and whatnot, without bronzer.


After all the sun is the original bronzer right?

Well when we got here it didn't clear up. whomp whomp whomp….

Let me add I gave it a while. At first, I attributed it to stress.  Cause stuff was STRESS-FUL. But it actually seemed to be getting worse.

I noticed is that I was drinking more coffee.

Could the two be related?


I gave it a couple weeks and then I consulted the smartest “person” I know.

Siri. duh

I had her check out “the google” and I stumbled upon this article that told me about how this girl experienced pretty much the same thing I was.

These hormonal painful red under-the-skin bumps.

I was like oh my say it ain't so, coffeee. Nooooooooo

But I had to know. So I woke up one Sunday morning and said that's it, no coffee.  Just like that!

I went down to the kitchen and found my hubby making breakfast. God bless him. He was about to push the button on my beloved Keurig to brew up my first cup of the day when I said “nope, not today”.

He looked at me all like “whet??” “Are we good?” “Did I do something to you?”  Lol

I explained, I was breaking up with coffee. At least for a little while.

gave up coffee

At that moment I had no plan B. Just no coffee.

I went to Starbucks, I know, the coffee house.  But I like to go there to work in peace.  I got me one of my non-coffee favs. The green tea latte.

I rewarded myself with a cookie because if I wasn't gonna have coffee I could at least have some thing I loved. And it was kinda my way of telling myself “good job”.

gave up coffee

But I sat down to do my work and one of baristas came up to me and said “ there's these Starbucks via green tea packets that they only sell in Korea right now and my coworker just came back and gave them to me, would you like them?”  Tell me there ain't a God!!!

I almost hugged him. I said almost.

So I went home and figured that if they had them somewhere then I should be able to order them via the interwebs. Nope. Couldn't find them – anywhere.

I then had to hook up with my ultimate shopping friend – the homie, Amazon.  She gave me a suitable alternative. Actually a selection of them. I found several matcha green teas and picked one.

Then I remembered an old favorite – chai, So I ordered some of that too.  I figured these would be my new homies now. Coffee could kick rocks and I wouldn't even miss her and what she was doing to me.

I lied.

I missed her like all hayle. The first two days were Thee Worse. The headaches, the yearning for the creamy goodness.  Goodness that matcha green tea and chai just couldn't give me.

It gradually got better. And you know what, my skin did too!  My skin started to not have these explosive teen like breakouts that made me want to go hide under a rock.

gave up coffee

Whhhhhhy coffee why?

My original plan was to just keep up with my same old face regimen and see a true test. But in true Kenya fashion I couldn't. I did start a new face regimen about half way through and I think that it just has helped to start to clear up the marks and blemishes that the original culprits had left behind.

I compiled my footage over the thirty days below. Check it out. I'll be sharing about the face regimen next so you can see how I not only seemingly stopped the acne but also started clearing it up.

Does coffee treat you this way?  Have you given her the boot too?

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  1. I’m such a big coffee drinker (my Instagram would defiantly prove it) so giving it up would be so hard but honestly after reading this I may give it a shot 🙂

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