Easy Foil Pack Recipes

If you love to cook but dislike the cleanup (and who doesn’t, right?) then you’ll love these easy foil pack recipes.

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Foil packs are versatile because they can go from oven, to grill, to outdoor camping and give you a delicious meal every time.

Get ready to load up some tin foil with meats, seafood, veggies and even desserts!

The combos are endless as to what you can stack in a foil pack.

How about an easy meal of salmon and asparagus, or a super quick shrimp scampi? Or try a hearty meal of sausage and peppers, or cheesy potatoes.

You can even make fruity desserts like a peach crisp in a foil pack.

Not only is cleanup a breeze, but foil packs are great meal prep ideas, too. You can prep these the night before or in the morning, and have them ready to toss in the oven or on the grill when it’s time for dinner.

Let these recipes inspire you to build your favorite meals in a foil pack and save yourself some time and effort in the kitchen!

simple and easy foil pack recipes

Simple + Easy Foil Pack Recipes

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