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As a DIYer, I find myself sometimes settling on style or variety due to a lack of options. With you never have to settle.

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If you guys ever jump into my IG stories Y'all know I practically take up a second residence in Home Depot. I mean I have been three times this week alone. And that’s not counting any trips my hubby might have made without me…how dare he.

But I recently discovered a new way to research, compare, and even purchase things for my ever growing lists of projects.

I was skeptical about it at first because, really who makes big purchases like these without physically seeing it, touching it and then pointing it out???

I am happy to tell you, friends, I do!  That’s who.

I am now one of those people who is buying almost every darn thing online. And I have no shame. NONE!

In my researching of a few things in the past would come up in my search results. But I’d look and not touch. Until recently when shopping for a new sink for the kitchen.

My beloved Home Depot had limited selection and I wanted to see what else was out there. I just knew there had to be more.

And there was!!!  So much more…

When I checked out I actually almost got overwhelmed. Until it gave me the option to narrow down what I wanted by choosing things like the material I wanted, the price range, and even the specific brand.

So if you are like me and get overwhelmed with too many options to choose, you can easily avoid overwhelm by setting your parameters.

Once I narrowed down the ones I liked, I was able to dig deep into the specifics- measurements, basin choices, and all the details.

I was able to use their guidelines and product specifications and pull out my measuring tape to ensure I was selecting the right size for my kitchen.

Once I was pretty certain about my decision, I was able to get someone on the phone and ask questions to address my concerns.  But they have chat too!

I was a little apprehensive about the faucet models that have the sprayer made into it. I worried that the may not stay attached well and that my 5-year-old would find a way to play with it.

After talking to the service representative I was able to address my concerns and select a faucet that didn’t have the magnetic connection I had seen in stores. But instead had a connection piece. And because of the height of it, while it’s not impossible, it is a little harder for my RJ to get his hands on.

All that was left to do was order.

The rep was able to put my selections in a cart for me with my created account.  That allowed me to review my decisions with my husband and make my purchases later on my own.   Did I mention they have an app, so if you are like me and on the go randomly shopping, the app is perfect!  It's like the convenience of the Amazon app, except for home stuff.

Because the evenings are so filled with tending to the kids, we typically don’t get to talk business, household and otherwise, until the kids are gone to bed. At which point stores are typically closed.

I loved the freedom to solidify my decision and make my purchase even after “normal business hours”.

7 Reasons Has Me Hooked

Variety offers a variety of home-related items, across several brands, and price points.

Even though they offer a wide range of options, the site is set up to allow you to narrow things down based on your style and price preferences.

With over 800,000 home improvement products for you to choose from, they have all that you could need to get your project done.


Let’s not act like, the price is not important.  We all want to have nice things that we can afford.  Which was why I went with the Miseno brand.  Miseno is’s proprietary brand, that is affordable without lacking quality.  Actually standing up to the quality, if not exceeding, other larger well-known brands.

In this video, shares about the quality, durability, and affordability of their line of stainless steel sinks.


Everything you want for your home is available right at your fingertips.

When I went to order my sink, the product page had all the specification including the measurements.  That allowed me to be able to measure the sink I was replacing.  And make a decision on if it was the right sink for me.  All from the comfort of my home, and without having to wait.


While you don’t have the ability to physically touch the product before you buy it, the site gives you so much information that the only thing left to do is touch it.

With a flexible return policy, if you have a problem or defect with the product you have 30 days to return for a full refund.  And up to 60 days for store credit.

24-hour service

I am a customer service person.  Good service will make me pay more versus a place that has a lower price and crappy service.  While no one wants to pay more, which you shouldn’t have to, at, the exceptional service is amazing.

Prior to ordering my sink and faucet, I was able to speak with a rep by phone to have all my questions answered.  The rep addressed my concerns and helped me find products based on those concerns.

She even was able to build a cart for me, that I was able to log in and complete on my own.

Free Shipping

If you were concerned that the cost of shipping is reason enough to go to your local big box store to make your purchase. Nope! It is not. has 440 warehouses that they have products shipping from.  Allowing you to get your products quickly and without added cost on most items.


If you are like me, once you place an order you literally want to see it on its way.

Once the order is complete, you receive an email confirmation of your order being received.  And then confirmation of it shipping with tracking info so you can keep tabs on the goods!

And to top it off, it came super fast!

Listen, nowadays we want options, variety, and not have to wait forever for what we want.  And these days, you don't have to.  You don't have to sacrifice and compromise because you feel limited or put in a box!

Have you ever used for a home project?

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