10 Ways to Tell if the Home You’re About to Buy Has Water Damage

Do you know the signs of water damage in a home?  These are some of the tell-tale signs that water damage may be present.

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Before purchasing a home, there is so much to inspect and be on the lookout for. One thing that you do not want to overlook is water damage.

Water damage can give you clues as to what kind of repairs you may need to make if you purchase a home that is damaged. Here are 10 ways to tell if the home you are about to buy has water damage.

Signs That a Home Has Water Damage

ceiling water damage
water damage at a recent Airbnb I stayed at. With mold included, YUCK!

Brown Spots on the Ceiling or Drywall

Brown spots are often caused by excess water. You may find brown spots on the ceiling, or even on the walls of the house and/or garage.


If you see or smell mold in the basement, chances are it is due to water damage. Also, be sure to check underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks for mold caused by leaky pipes.

Partially Replaced Walls

If the sheetrock has been replaced only up to a certain height, chances are there has been some flooding in the home, causing the lower portions to be replaced.

Warped Floors

Water damage causes more than stains and discoloration. It can also cause things to warp. Be on the lookout for areas of the floors that may be warped.

Odors and Dampness

When you step into a particular room is your nose hit by a whiff of unpleasant mold or mildew? Be wary of unpleasant odors, particularly in basements.

Corroded Pipes

Take a good look at the piping in the home. Leaking pipes often cause corrosion around the connection points.

Missing or Curled Shingles

Is the roof missing shingles, or are they in poor shape? Missing shingles and shingles that are cracked, can allow rainwater and melting snow to seep through the roof.  That leads to water damage.

Swollen Walls

Walls should be flat and not bubbling. If there is a leak somewhere, drywall can absorb the water, causing it to swell and bubble out.

peeling paint on a wall

Peeling Paint

Drippy walls and ceilings can do a number on paint. Keep an eye out for bubbling and peeling paint, as well as wallpaper that is peeling away from the wall.

Rotten Wood

Be sure to thoroughly inspect any wood that you see. If the basement has flooded you may be able to tell if any exposed wood is starting to rot.  This is especially true near the floor.

These are all things that a trained home inspector will look for in a new home inspection.  I strongly suggest forking out the money to have a home inspection done to check for the signs of water damage and avoid some pretty costly repairs.

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10 signs a home has water damage

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