Coffee That Changes Lives Is Now At Target

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All coffee is not created equal, and Laughing Man® Coffee is proving that to be true in more ways than one.

While you might be inclined to chuckle at the name, you will be pleasantly surprised with the story behind it.

Never heard of Laughing Man® Coffee?

Let me introduce you…

Beyond providing amazing tasting coffee, Laughing Man® is a brand making a difference.

Laughing Man Coffee on store shelves

Laughing Man® Coffee was co-founded by Hugh Jackman after a promise was made to an Ethiopian coffee farmer, Dukale, and his family, to help improve the lives of coffee farmers and share their Fair Trade Certified™ coffees with the world.

As a result of that promise, Laughing Man® Coffee has always strived to ‘Make Every Cup Count’ by donating a portion of proceeds from each purchase to the Laughing Man® Foundation, which supports coffee farming communities and programs that clear the way to health, growth and success for coffee farmers and their families.

These small farms produce amazingly distinct and tasteful coffees that the world needs to know about. Let me tell you what you need to know…

How Can I Support The Laughing Man® Foundation?

This year the Foundation is providing scholarships for higher education to the farming community in the Coocentral Coop in Huila, Colombia, as well as support for basic housing improvements to improve their overall quality of life.

Every cup of Laughing Man® Coffee that you drink is a direct contribution to the Foundation.

Where Can I Find Laughing Man® Coffee?

Laughing Man Coffee in Target Basket

All four varieties of Fair Trade Certified™ Laughing Man® Coffee can be found at your local Target store and online at Target.com.

What Does Laughing Man® Taste Like?

With every sip, you can not only taste but the smell, the difference – each blend has its own distinct, delicious taste.

So far, I have tried the Colombia Hulia and Dukale’s Blend® varieties. Both were distinctly tasteful. I am no coffee connoisseur, and I have never had a dark roast that I liked. But, I can honestly say that the dark roast Colombia Huila was a pleasant surprise to both my husband and I, who only started drinking coffee after a sleepless child.

Here are the flavor descriptions of each variety. In addition to recyclable K-Cup® pods, you can now purchase the brand in ground bagged coffee!

Colombia Huila – (dark roast) an intense, deep-roasted flavor with black cherry sweetness, and a dark chocolate finish

Hugh’s Blend™ – (medium blend) notes of tart green apple and toasted graham cracker

Dukale’s Blend® – (medium blend) a chocolatey body and notes of ripe plum

Ethiopia Sidama – (light-roast) bright citrus notes of bergamot and lime

It’s been said that you should leave the earth better than you found it. And Hugh Jackman is doing just that.

Have you tried Laughing Man® Coffee?

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