Getting Ready For The Cold Weather and Winter Holidays

Fall is upon us and winter is literally right around the corner, so don't blink. This is a full guide to help you get ready for winter today!

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Where has 2019 even gone?  How are we already in the last quarter of the year?

As the winter blows its way in and the holiday season takes over, you may want to get prepared.

This is a very long list of things you can get done to feel more prepared and less frazzled as the winter holiday season approaches.

Don’t drive yourself into a tizzy trying to get it all done.  Moderation is key.  Do what you can, and the rest will be there.  Trust me when I say it ain’t going nowhere.

Getting The Outdoors Of Your Home Winter Ready

Homeownership is no small feat. It comes with lots of benefits, but there's no shortage of responsibility.

Yard work is a part of homeownership. And depending on your position, it may be a bit of a burden or an exciting task. But nonetheless, it has to get done.

While it is essential in the spring and summer months, it is just as important for getting ready for the cold weather to come in.

Thinking about the warmer seasons for the next year may be the last thing on your mind as you enter into the cooler months. But trust me when I say that thinking about it and preparing will make you love yourself when spring rolls back around.

These are some things I recommend you do to prepare for the colder months.

Trim bushes one last time

Our bushes get those weed vines that wrap around them. When the hubs trim them, I remind him to remove the vines so that it does not affect their bloom and growth next year.

We’ve lost a few bushes before because we did not take care of this.

Rake the leaves

Raking leaves is never fun. But what’s worse is really heavy leaves that have been rained on and/or covered in snow for months.

Don’t wait. Get those leaves sooner rather than later.

Cut the grass

I usually feel like this is no big deal. But cutting the grass one last time makes a difference. Especially so that you can fertilize the grass.

Fertilize the grass

Apply a good winter ready fertilizer that nourishes and treats your grass to minimize weed overgrowth and helps you grow nice thick beautiful grass next year.

hand on the grill

Clean and Cover the grill

This one is simple. Get a grill cover and cover that thing up to avoid rust and extra wear on your grill.

Trim annuals

Winterizing your garden probably sounds a little overwhelming, but it does not have to be.  Get Busy Gardening has an amazing guide for how to get it done.

Put away outdoor furniture cushions

tree branch with flowers

Trim tree branches

If you do not have even the slightest clue where to start when trimming trees, this tree trimming guide from Get Busy Gardening has all the info you need to get it done, in the name of DIYing your life, and saving a little money by not having to hire a professional.

Clean and organize the garage

Put up seasonal toys

Put up bikes

Need some ideas for storing bikes beyond cluttering up the shed?  Here’s a few.

Bring plants in that won’t last outdoors

As with everything, there are levels to gardening.  A right and wrong way, if you will, to even bring in the plants.  I am just starting to play my hand with greenery, so here’s a guide from someone who knows what they are talking about to help you get those plants ready and in for winter.

Gas stabilizer for lawn equipment.

Gas Stabilizer is an alternative to draining gas from your summer tools. Using a stabilizer helps to make sure the tools you won’t be running for a while, like mowers, blowers, and trimmers, don’t have the gas go bad in them.  You can grab you some here.

Drain and unscrew hoses

Clean and empty gutters

Gas up the snowblower

shoveling the driveway

Pull out shovels

Cover air conditioning unit

Sweep porches, decks, and patios

Don’t forget to get those leaves from the porches, decks and patios when cleaning the yard.  It will create less work for you when you are ready to pull the patio furniture back out and enjoy the space again.

Clean exterior windows

Get The Indoors Of Your Home Winter Ready

Clean window interiors

I don’t think I had to do this as much before my son. I swear his hand and face prints are always on my windows. That child loves his daddy and whenever he leaves without him in tow, he watches him out the window, like a sad puppy.

Contrarily when it’s time for him to get home he is on the lookout. Also like a puppy.

Check weather-stripping and fix door seals etc

Weather seals and such around the doors need replacing every now and again.  Replacing and/or repairing them helps to minimize drafts and keep your heating costs down when it get cool outside.

Change air filters

Give the stove a deep clean

Deep clean fridge

Deep clean freezer

Clean baseboards

Remove debris and clean window sills

Clean out pantry

Organize cabinets

Dust ceiling fans

Check batteries in smoke detectors

Check batteries in CO2 detectors

Speaking of CO2 detectors, if you have not checked out my review of the OneLink Safe and Sound Bluetooth CO2 detector, this would be a good time to do so. Just sayin.

Check and service your furnace

Drain your water heater

stone fireplace

Clean and maintenance your chimney and fireplace

Reverse your ceiling fan

Did you know that reversing your ceiling fan helps to keep the warm air in?  Almost all ceiling fans have this little switch that allows you to reverse the direction of the airflow.

In the wintertime, it is best to run your fan in the clockwise direction at low speed to help keep the warm air in the room.

In the summer months, you want the fan to turn in the counterclockwise to help remove hot air from the room.

If you were today years old when you found this out, you are welcome!

Clean kitchen drawers and cabinets

Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Put on winter tires

Get the oil changed

Replace wiper blades

Test battery

Change air filter

stack of blankets for winter

Add blankets in the trunk

Get a Tune-up

Things To Purchase & Stock Up On Before Cold Weather Hits

I don’t know about you, but in the winter, I leave my home less.  And if it is really cold, I ain’t going nowhere.  That is just how it is.  Sorry, not sorry.

If you do not order groceries like I do, then you definitely want to stock up to minimize the number of store runs you need to make.

Here is a nice list of things to stock up on in preparation for the cold.

Toilet paper

Paper towels

candles on a table


Cleaning products

Canned goods

Frozen vegetables




Deep Cleaning Before Winter

You hear people talk about spring cleaning, and that’s all well and good.  But since you technically spend more time indoors when it gets cold outside, it might be a good idea to do some deep cleaning before winter hits.

Here are some things to clean to help minimize allergic reactions, asthma flare-ups, and to keep things nice and fresh.

Fabric couches and furniture


Pest control

If you do not use a regular pest control service, then setting off Raid bombs in the home is a good idea.  They help to get rid of all the creepy crawly critters that have tried to make you casa, their casa.

Say goodbye to your multi-legged friends.


Wash blankets

painted front door

Paint your front door

Replace your welcome mats

Make or buy new wreaths

Things To Purge Before Winter Hits

Again, these things are probably more common in the spring, but spring’s not so distant cousin fall would love the same attention.  It is beneficial to all.

Here are some things you may consider purging before winter.

Expired sunscreen

old makeup

Expired makeup

Old linens



Shred and get rid of old mail and bills

Spice drawer

magazine stack

Magazines and Books

Getting Ready For Winter Holidays

Winter is probably the best holiday season for most.  Whether you celebrate all or some, here are some things to get in order for the major winter holidays.


Stock up on candy

Replace outdoor light bulbs

Patch cracks in the sidewalk


Invite Guests

Plan menu

Shop for needed food items

Purchase paper plates and plastic silverware if not using real dishes

Purchase and thaw turkey

Make arrangements and/or room for out of town guests

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving and Christmas Timeline


Pick a Christmas theme

Determine and make Christmas travel plans

Make and finalize thanksgiving plans


Send Christmas Cards

Shop for thanksgiving dinner

Create freezer meals to help with busier schedules and avoid eating out

Christmas shopping (Black Friday)

Decorate for Christmas


Sort unwanted outgrown toys to donate

Remove Holiday decorations


Set intentions for the new year

Did I forget anything?  Are there other things that you do to get ready for the cold weather and winter holidays that are not listed here?  Drop me a line in the comments and I will update the list!

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