A Safe, Sound Suite Retreat
With Onelink Safe & Sound

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I’m still trying to make my master suite a suite retreat and now thanks to Onelink Safe and Sound, it’s safer, and even more sweet.

Organization and decor wise, I am still trying to figure out what I want to do in my bedroom. But I have recently succeeded at making it a more comfy space since sharing my suggestions on how I planned to make my master bedroom my comfy place.

I take the safety as serious, if not more, than the decor of my home. So as I take on projects and things, I get most excited most about those projects that

  • Are Easy
  • Don’t take a lot of time
  • Add to the safety and/or security of my home

Carbon monoxide (CO2) can be emitted from your fuel-burning appliances. And even come from your vehicles in your garage.

Some people think if they live in an all electric home they don’t need a co2 monitoring device.


When we moved, I forgot to unplug and take our portable CO2 monitor. Leaving us in need of a new one.

Leave it to technology to be all of what you need and more than what you thought you wanted.

I recently got my hands on the First Alert Onelink Safe and Sound Fire and CO2 monitor with a built-in speaker and Alexa technology.

My husband gave me the hardest eye roll because he thought I was making more work for him.

He was all prepared to have to cut off the power and rewire our current smoke detector when he was pleasantly surprised.

The device came with adapters that made installation so simple I could have done it without him. And had I known that I would have!

onelink safe and sound adapters

The adapter plugged into the current wiring. Connected to the Onelink device and mounted to the ceiling. In less than thirty minutes it was installed and I was telling Alexa what to do.

Now, this is my first electronic assistant type device, outside of my phone. And I have to tell you, I am feeling kinda fancy. Like back when people had clap-on's back in the 90s. Yea I feel like that!

I went to sleep the first night to the smooth sounds of soft RnB playing. And Alexa was instructed to turn it off in an hour. Fancy Right?

The sound quality made me feel like I was laying on a spa table without a masseuse.  The only thing that could have made it better was to have that masseuse.

onelink safe and sound mobile app

I simply downloaded the Onelink and Alexa apps on my phone, and had control over the color display, the nightlight feature, the volume, and so much more at my fingertips!  The smart technology alerts you of any issues that may arise as well. Safety is fancy too!

I feel good knowing I am protecting my family against the silent killer that is carbon monoxide and will be alerted if there’s smoke or fire whether I am home or not; and I feel super savvy when I say, “Alexa Play some music…”

Technology like the Onelink Safe and Sound allows you to be safe, savvy, and fancy all at the same time! And it’s brought me one step closer to that “suite retreat” I’m dreaming of.

onelink safe and sound

Have you considered the benefit of using smart technology for safety?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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