The Fact That Aldi Delivers Means I Never Have To Leave The House Again

There is only one thing better than having cabinets and a fridge full of food.  And that’s having cabinets and a fridge full of food that I didn’t have to go to the store to get.  And with Aldi home delivery, and Instacart, with my computer or smartphone, I may never leave home again.  Grocery delivery has changed my life!

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A while back I shared my weekly grocery shopping strategy for saving time and money. And one of the main components of it is my choice of two major retailers, Aldi and Walmart. In that order.

Aldi has been a long time favorite of mine. Because they have quality food at reasonable prices. I always start there because I know their prices will be more reasonable.  Then I work my shopping list from there.

When Walmart introduced pickup ordering a while back. I found myself sacrificing savings for convenience.  Grabbing things I would normally get from Aldi just because I didn't have to go in and get it myself.

Because between working, shuffling kids around town, feeding people, and just doing basic person stuff, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to go get the food AND THEN cook it too!

But when I saw that Instacart added Aldi home delivery to its list of service providers I seriously felt like the heavens had opened wide. Could it be true that I could, in fact, have it all in the form of savings and convenience?

And the best part is I might even save a little more because I am no longer able to partake in those random grabs while strolling the aisles. Especially the dreaded (read as beloved) specials aisle in Aldi.

My love for gadgets cannot handle the deals present in that aisle. I do not have the willpower, or even the desire, to walk away. And even if I don’t know where I will put those gadgets after I buy them,  I just can not let them go to the homes of others who won’t love them like I will.

I just caaaaaaant.

So maybe you are wondering how this whole grocery delivery thing works and thinking you might want to give it a try. I am here to thoroughly show you how it’s done. And maybe convince you on joining the grocery-shop-at-home tribe too.

How I Order From Aldi For Home Delivery Using Just My Phone

download the instacart app

Download the app

Start by visiting the app store and downloading the Instacart app, which is available in the Google play store and iTunes app store.

initial instacart sign up

Create an account

You start by putting in your zip code to check for availability in your area.  Once confirmed you will enter in your information to establish your account.

shopping aldi favorites online

Search for your favorite items

Once you create your account you can select the store that you wish to shop at from the list of available stores in your area.  Instacart has several stores and a growing list that it partners with.  

Then you search your favorite items and add them to your cart.

Instacart Shopping Features

  • The ability to save your favorites for easy access on future orders.  You can customize your shopping experience and make those regular items even easier to grab.
  • The creation of shoppable lists.  You can add things to your list in the app or online as you realize you need them, and then shop directly from that list.
  • App specific coupons.  Deals and specials on items that are not found elsewhere.
  • Joint shopping carts.  Have roommates, or other people in your home that contribute to your household shopping?  Or going on vacation and need to collectively buy groceries?  You can create a joint shopping list where you can all add items to and collectively checkout.

Paying For Your Instacart Purchase

Once you have added all your items and met the $10 minimum spending limit, you can finalize your order and pay with your credit card information.  Your card is pre-authorized for the tentative amount and finalized once your shopper has completed your order.

And after all is said and done, you are free to live your life!

What Happens After You Place Your Instacart Order?

After you place your order and select your delivery time your order is assigned to a personal shopper.

shopping in aldi instacar

Fancy right??

Once your shopper starts shopping you can see their progress live in the app.  That’s better than when you send your husband or teenager to the store.   If the store happens to not have an item you selected they can swap it for something else. And you are prompted to approve the swap or be refunded.

I personally love the chat feature because shoppers can message you if they have questions too. Some of my shoppers have been very chatty and others shop and arrive.  I don’t really mind either way.  I am just so darn grateful for them doing my shopping for me.

After you pay for your order, you are notified and given a delivery time estimate.

Did I mention, you can get same-day grocery delivery??

One of the downsides to using Walmart ordering is that my store doesn’t always have same day delivery which is annoying.  Instacart and Aldi home delivery make that less of an issue for me.

order groceries aldi home delivery with instacart

How Much Does Instacart Grocery Delivery Cost?

The delivery fee is dependant on the size of your order and the chosen delivery time. The cost for each option is displayed when selecting a delivery time slot during checkout, but before you place your order.

If you sign up for Instacart express, which has a 14-day free trial.  Like Amazon Prime, you get delivery fees waived for a year.  Seeing how I shop every week, it is a no-brainer for me.  But if you will only use occasionally, may not be worth it.

Do You Have To Tip For Grocery Delivery?

Tipping with anything is optional. So it’s not technically required. But I’m tipping for the fact that I save time AND gas going to the grocery store. The fact that someone took a thing off my to-do list and did it for me? They deserve my coins.

I don’t know the rules for tipping and I have seen a few takes on it. But my thing is this, think about what you saved, the time someone gave up, and tip accordingly.

Can You Use Coupons With Instacart And Aldi?  Is There An Aldi Instacart Promo Code

You can’t use clipped coupons but Instacart has its own manufactured coupons that are available in the app.

In addition to the in-app coupons, there is a referral bonus.  If you use my sign up code here, you can save $10 on your orders, and for the first five people you refer, you can get $10 off your orders, up to $50.

AND if you use the code ALDILOVE on your first three orders you get $10 off!

So whether you don’t like grocery shopping, or you really don’t have the time (or patience) to go, you no longer have to if you love Aldi like I do with their delivery service now offered through Instacart.

Start your first Aldi delivery order with Instacart today!

What other questions do you have about grocery home delivery through Aldi and Instacart?

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