DIY Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden is the perfect first step into gardening.  Small investment and tasty rewards if successful.

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It’s only been six years or so that I have talked about wanting to garden.

When we first moved into our last home in Ohio, with just under an acre of yard space I proclaimed I was gonna get started gardening.

Then I woke up to deer sleeping in my backyard and knew it wouldn't be as simple as I thought it might be.

And when the baby came and didn’t sleep I was doing good to have groceries in the fridge let alone growing anything edible.

When we moved here to the corner cove home (what I call our little corner of the earth), the yard space tempted me again. And I don’t know what has actually held me back but I haven’t felt the full urge to get an outdoor garden going.

My wiser self said start small and grow. So I decided to start an indoor herb garden and see how that goes.

I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.

— David Hobson

For my garden I started with four herbs I know I’ll use – cilantro (Taco Tuesday), oregano, basil, and parsley.

Making it pretty is the easy part I imagine because it’s so darn cute!

I mounted some cute little baskets from Amazon on my command center board. Searched high and low before I landed on the perfect little galvanized buckets with chalkboard labels, and grabbed my herbs and soil from Walmart.

I did it all for under fifty bucks!

Here are the exact steps I took to make it happen.

How I Started My DIY Herb Garden

Mounted Wall Baskets

First, I hung my wall mounted baskets that would hold my herb containers.

I have seen several different ways that people have done this. So get creative for your own situation. Me personally, I saw that I had the room on my command center wall board and went with that.

Prepared The Herb Garden Containers

Since they will be indoors and not planted in regular pots, you have to give them a way to drain.

So I put rocks down in the bottom of the containers to allow for drainage.  I used rocks like these in the bottom of my containers.

Place The Herbs In The Pot

I sat the herb with the soil from its original container in the “pot” and then filled around it with MiracleGro Indoor potting soil.

I found these cute little pails at Michael's on sale.  I  believe they were seasonal, but you can find some that are similar here.

Quench The Thirst

I watered my herbs and place them in the mounted baskets. And voila!  I now have an indoor herb garden.

My plan is to rotate them so that they have access to sunlight. And occasionally sitting them outside or on the kitchen window seal in the morning time for direct sunlight access.

I am excited to see if I have a green thumb and if I can actually grow my own fresh herbs that I can use in my many recipes.

Stay tuned and I will update you on the progress.

Supplies Needed For An Indoor Herb Garden



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Have you ever considered gardening or growing herbs?  Any tips for a newbie like me?  Comment below.

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  1. I am just wondering how your herb plants are doing? They look super cute in the metal pots, but I was wondering if the metal would start to rust and poison the plants?

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