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What Is An Appliance Garage, Why You Need One & How To Get It Done

Clutter is not my jam. And there is nothing I despise more than cluttered countertops.

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I recently shared with you how I am working on a kitchen command center to help get the paper clutter off of my counters.  But there is another thing that causes clutter too.

I don't like all of the things on my counter. By things, I mean the handy dandy appliances and cooking tools.I mean I use all of the things, but I don't want them there all of the time.

I mean I use all of the things, but I don't want them there all of the time.

Coffee maker. Toaster. Knives. Can opener. All of the things.

*Insert my husband's eye roll.*

I'd much prefer countertops with space. A decoration or two. And room for me to cook (and take pretty pictures of the food I cook) without having to move stuff out of the way.

The cords. I think that may be what gets me. The cords.

My can opener, it has a cord that winds back into itself. It's the most amazing thing in all of ever. And I wish all my countertop appliances had that too!  But they don't.

Who am I kidding even if they did I still wouldn't want them sprawled all across my counter.

In my old house, we had a pantry that housed all of those things and kept them out of site.

Here? Not so much.

But as usual, I find a solution rather than choosing to suffer.  Because in DIY there is always a solution right?

So I have decided I need an application garage!


What is an appliance garage?

An appliance garage is a nifty little space where you can store countertop appliances and other things out of site and pull them out when needed.

Cool? Right?

I've been perusing Pinterest as I am working through how this is gonna happen in Casa de Hampton. And I have compiled a nice little list for you. Cause you know, now you want one too!

Inspiration: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/clear-counter-clutter-10-inspiring-appliance-garages-199533

5 appliance garage ideas to clear countertop clutter

Teal cabinet appliance garage
Source: Pinterest

Not only is the garage nice, sleek and to the point.  But how beautiful are the color of these cabinets??

Large Pocket Door Cabinet
Source: Pinterest

I love the large cabinet idea.  You can fit ALL OF THE THINGS in this cabinet!  This would be great for all my kitchen gadgets and tools.  There would be no food in here…

Microwave Pocket Doors
Source: Pinterest

While I like my microwave to be accessible.  I love this for the person that prefers that their microwave is tucked away and out of sight!

Appliance Garage
Source: Pinterest

The door on this thing is pretty cool.  While it would take a little more measuring and such to build this one, I think the finished result would be well worth it.

Corner Appliance Garage
Source: Pinterest

This is so nice and classy to me.  My cabinets were not properly installed (in my mind).  So I don't have the corner cabinet like this cabinet install has.  But if you do, this is a great way to take advantage of otherwise awkward counter space.

Appliance Garage Options

While for some people it seems to not be worth it to take up counter space with a cabinet that comes all the way down.  For those of us, who have no love for counter clutter, a kitchen appliance garage is a very simple and doable solution.

Here are a few ways you can achieve the appliance garage:

Build it

Building Plans and Instructions by Build-Basic

How To Hide a Microwave (Building it Into a Vented Cabinet)

Buy it

You can buy cabinets and use them as an appliance garage.  Here are some examples of things you can buy and use.


Other things that may interest you about decluttering your cabinets:

How To Find Room For Appliances In The Kitchen

How are you keeping your countertops decluttered?

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What Is An Appliance Garage, Why You Need One & How To Get It Done

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  1. I hadn’t heard of an appliance garage before this but I definitely need one. If you saw all the appliances on my kitchen counter top you’d laugh! Definitely going to look into this, thanks!

    1. Definitely sounds like you need one! Mine are still in boxes from the move and I am trying to get my appliance garage together so they don’t get to my counter.

  2. I love how you get things DONE!! I have so much clutter on our entryway table. I’m going to use some of your techniques there!

  3. I really hate clutter as well. Its so easy to come home and dump the mail on the kitchen counter but I cringe at the thought of a kitchen that is not perfectly put away. I love your organizational ideas and pictures! these are goals.

  4. OMG these looks stunning! Can we please start a conversation about cords??? I hate them so much! So ugly ahhahah

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