17 Taco Recipes For Taco Lovers

Tacos are perfect on Tuesdays, #TacoTuesday, but really any day of the week. They are one of the simplest weeknight meals and tastiest weekend meals. These easy recipes for tacos are perfect for every day of the week!

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17 Simple and Easy Taco Recipes

I honestly am not sure how Taco Tuesday got started in my house.  I'm pretty sure it began after we moved and I was home full time.  I think I made tacos on a Tuesday one day and said it was “Taco Tuesday”.  And the next week the kids asked me what we were having for Taco Tuesday and there it began.

It’s a tradition I have grown to love.  We all love tacos and it has caused me to get creative in figuring out what to have without rotating the same ole things week in and week out.  While my hubby would not care, the kids and I get bored with eating the same thing over and over.

As I sit here and reflect, this tradition is reflective of what I love about making the move to the south.  When we moved I became intentional to do more homemade cooking and having traditions like this one.  Things that my kids will remember and maybe carry on.

When we lived up north, things were always so busy that I cooked for the whole week on Sundays and we ate a lot of nights out of Tupperware containers.

I mean you do what you have to do.  And it worked.  And I guess that is a bit of tradition as well.  One that was part of our survival mode when we were strapped for time.

But now we have new traditions and one of them is Tacos!!

This is a compilation of taco recipes for those of you who celebrate Taco Tuesday or like to have tacos regularly.

If you don’t have taco’s regularly, let me tell you why you should.

They are fast, easy, tasty and clean up is usually a breeze.

If you think making tacos is messy, I will tell you that after finding taco stands that help in preparing and filling the tacos, the game changed.  I strongly recommend them.

17 Easy Taco Recipes You Should Try If You Are a Taco Lover

Taco Recipes

One of the simplest weeknight meals and tastiest weekend meals. These easy recipes for tacos are perfect for every day of the week!

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