20 Sweet & Savory Waffle Recipes Perfect For Breakfast, Lunch or Brunch

20 of the most sweet and/or savory waffle recipes you will find out here in these interwebs.

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Sweet and savory are the two words that my waistline are battling on the regular.

I think I crave them equally. Neither is above the other.

Today I am sharing them both with a combination of favorites. Some of the best sweet and/or savory waffles.  I have shared on many occasions my love for breakfast, pancakes, and lately waffles.

I hope you are ready friends because YUUUUUUUM!

Waffles Perfect For Breakfast or Dessert

Sweet Waffle Recipes

A deliciously compiled list of sweet waffle recipes. Some perfect for breakfast. Some may be more like dessert. And some may be perfectly suited for BOTH!

Waffles Perfect For Dinner

Savory Waffle Recipes

A culmination of savory waffle recipes that can go for dinner or breakfast alike. With ingredients that don't typically come to mind for waffles, a tasty list of possibilities.

Hoping this helps you to get your waffle fix.  And not apologetic about the waistline battle I have introduced you to.  lol!

Interested in making any of these sweet & savory waffle recipes for later.  Pin It For Later!

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  1. I saved this gorgeous post to my desktop. My husband and son love waffles, and they are going to love these recipes. There is already a request for the strawberry shortcake waffles. This is what happens when I ask for opinions – they tell me! We have breakfast for dinner once a week, on Friday nights, so these recipes are a lifesaver. Thank you for posting these. The pictures are gorgeous.

    1. Awesome!! I actually need to do dinner-for-breakfast day. I do Taco Tuesday every week, but breakfast would be a great theme, especially since the weekends have been so packed its been hard to have it in the mornings lately. I like the way you think! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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