How To DIY Body Wash, Body Spray & Shea Butter using Essential Oils

You might have thought that the only things I DIY are parts of my house.

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I will DIY just about anything.

I often times get asked why I DIY.

Truth is, there are two reasons DIY’ing exists in my life:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Necessity

I typically know what I want. Either I find it, or I don't.

Sometimes when I find it, to get the quality I want, the price is out of my range (or what my husband tells me my range is).

So instead of settling, I put in the work to get just what I want. Usually at a lower cost.

With house projects, its sweat equity. There will almost always be a return on the work put in.

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As for other things outside of house projects, like what I want to share with you today, it simpy fills a void or is merely for personal satisfaction.

Why I make Homemade Bath Products?

Since I was young, I discovered my inability to wear store bought perfume. Most perfumed scents usually lead to migraines for me.

My husband would say it's because I can smell like a bloodhound. But whatever.  The reason it doesn't work out for me is that I can’t handle strong scents.

I have resorted to body oil versions of some of my favorite perfumes, aromatherapy products or lightly scented body sprays.

Not long ago, I discovered my love for the lemongrass scent.  Every time I smell it, It takes me back to a beach massage in Jamaica over Christmas 2014.

I loved the smell, but it was not for sell by that masseuse.

So on my next trip to Jamaica, in summer of 2015, on a girls trip I bought lemon grass oil. The masseuse that time DID sell it, and made my entire day!

And until now, I haven't used it.

I used the lemongrass oil with the following recipes to create a DIY bath products – body wash, body spray, and whipped shea butter.

You can use these recipes with your favorite essential oils and do the same.

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