How to Care for + Deep Clean Your Keurig

Caring for your Keurig is actually pretty simple.  And like most kitchen appliances you are gonna wanna deep clean your Keurig occasionally to make sure it stays in working order.  Here’s how!

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cleaning a keurig

I remember when Keurig's first came out.  I thought, what a waste. I also wasn’t a coffee drinker, so I knew nothing of the operation of a regular coffee pot.

And then my son was born.

Christmas was the month after his birth and a Keurig was on my list for Santa.

While super convenient, you may forget that in order for your Keurig to stay functional and operating at peak performance, it needs a little love.

When you’re dealing with something as important as coffee, it’s best to have all the information. Which is why I’m breaking down the best way to care for your Keurig for you today. Because having your coffeemaker break when you need it most is the last thing you ever want to happen!

Keep Your Keurig Clean

Well-used Keurigs can quickly develop clogs that will stop brewing in its tracks.

To prevent these clogs from happening, you should clean your machine on a regular basis.

clean keurig parts

To clean your Keurig, make sure the coffeemaker is unplugged, then disassemble the machine and wash all the removable parts in warm soapy water. This includes the water reservoir and lid, K-cup holder, and mug stand. Then, wipe the outside of the machine with a dry cloth. After everything is dry, replace the components and start brewing.

dirty keurig drip pan

Depending on how many cups you brew per day, a quick cleaning every once a week or every few days is sufficient to maintain your Keurig.

Run Cleansing Brews

The needles that puncture your K-cups every morning can easily become clogged with coffee grounds, which can cause big problems if those grounds start to build up. To prevent these clogs, run a cleansing brew at the end of the morning.

At least once a week, run a brew cycle with no K-cup in the K-cup holder into an empty mug, then discard the brewed water in the kitchen sink.

If you love making a variety of drinks, like hot chocolate, chai, or even soup, it’s best to run a cleaning cycle after each brew.

This will not only prevent potential clogs but also help keep your coffee from tasting like soup later on.

Descale: a.k.a Deep Cleaning Your Keurig

Lime and scale can build up in your Keurig over time. But there’s a simple way to remove the scale that doesn’t even require any scrubbing.

To deep clean your Keurig, simply fill the water reservoir halfway with distilled vinegar or a descaling solution and fill the rest of the reservoir with water. Then, run the machine without inserting a K-cup into an empty mug. Keep running a brew cycle and discarding the brewed water until the reservoir is completely empty.

Finally, rinse the reservoir, fill it with plain water and repeat the process to rinse the machine.

Deep clean your Keurig every three to six months for best results.  Again, how often will depend on how often you use your machine.

clean keurig

It’s funny, cause now not only do I NOT think Keurigs are a waste. In my home, it is a necessity as much as my stove, washer, and dryer.

If momma has coffee she can get through the day. If she doesn’t? Well everyone better steer clear.

This is how you ensure one of your most valued kitchen appliances stays with you through thick and thin.

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