Why I Need Glasses Even Though I had Lasik Eye Surgery

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I remember back in high school telling my mom I needed glasses.

For whatever reason I had made up in my mind that I needed glasses as part of my fashion statement. She scheduled me an appointment for the eye doctor, and my efforts in trying to fail my eye exam were null and void.

Doctor told my mom I was bad for business because I had 20/20 vision.

I don't know what changed between junior high school and senior year of high school.  But I was in glasses by then.  And by the time I set my freshmen feet flat on campus I was not only wearing glasses and contacts, but needed them more times than not.

Traffic signs, were hard to make out, particularly at night.  I got to the point I couldn't even watch tv without them.

So I opted to have lasik eye surgery.

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While lasik worked great, and I still have my 20/20 vision in tact. I have found another need for glasses. A legitimate one this time.

phonetic eyewear

I suffer from light sensitivity. I have for at least most of my adult years.  It became prevalent when working desk jobs and having the overhead fluorescent lights above me. I would always have to request that they remove the bulbs to avoid migraines.

That helped with work, for the most part. But I found that the lights from the computer screens and mobile devices contributed as well. And I couldn't stop using those!

Again I found a solution to make it work while at the 9-5.  A privacy screen would dim the brightness and provide some level of relief for the working hours. But at home there wasn't an option for a privacy screen for my phone and MacBook.

Hubby had started researching but came up void.

And then the solution practically fell in my lap.

Back in November I attended the Blogalicous 8 conference. One of the sponsors of the conference was Phonetic Eyewear.

Phonetic Eyewear is a solution created to reduce digital eye strain that offers style and affordability in one.

phonetic eyewear lindsey
My ‘Lindsey' Frames

They are stylish, and reasonably priced, frames were the answer to my problem. And they stepped up my accessory game too! Winning!

I find that the frames are super light weight. Which is particularly what pushed me to contacts when I needed a prescription because the weight of the frames or the squeezing behind my ears would lead to headaches.

In addition to being lightweight they are super cute. Don't believe me…

cute phonetic kenya

And the biggest perk of all about Phonetic Eyewear is that they don't break the bank, starting at only $59!

If you happen to still wear prescription glasses and would like the blue light protection, well they have you covered as well. They have a wide variety of styles and colors in nonprescription and prescription strength.

I have not already sold you on them, I am happy to tell you I can get you a discount.  Cause I know people who know people. Lol. Not really, but I do have a special code for you. Head over to their site and use the code KENYA10 at the checkout and save today!

Check out my unboxing and initial thoughts on my new frames:

Do you think the blue light protection frames from Phonetic Eyewear could be of benefit to you? Let me know how below.

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  1. These are cute and I definitely could always use more glasses around these parts. I’m sitting here with one eye wondering off as we speak because I’m not wearing mine. My hubby always fussing at me about it too.

  2. These are cute and I definitely could always use more glasses around these parts. I’m sitting here with one eye wondering off as we speak because I’m not wearing mine. My hubby always fussing at me about it too.

  3. I’m lucky I haven’t been prescribed glasses…yet. I always wanted to wear glasses because my mother does. I just thought it would be a cool way to spruce up an outfit. My husband is going to get his eyes retested soon and I need to get it done too. The digital age is going to wreak havoc on all of our eyes. Maybe evolution will kick in somehow. haha.

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