Parent your kids technology

When I was a kid we had corded phones, beepers and three way calling.

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And not three way in the same way as 2016 three way.

But now you have Facebook. Twitter. And dam snapchat.

I don't even know how to snap or chat let alone put them together.

Let me share with you my issue:

I've put restrictions on my thirteen-year-olds phone. But because her friends' parents don't actively monitor what their kids are doing, she thinks I am too strict. Or “doing too much” as she formed her lips to tell me.

And trust me when I say that they are doing god knows what with these darn devices.

Technology is the gift and the curse.

The influence and pressure are annoying.

Boy being on the other side of the coin sucks.  My mother told me it would.

I really wish that parents would police their children's activities.  Doing things like keeping tabs, imposing rules, and you know actively parenting.  Then my kid doesn't have to give me such a hard time.

I get it. No one wants to miss out. You wanna know and do the latest but everything ain't for kids.

I'm doing good letting her have a phone let alone opening Pandora's box that is social media.


Just randomly venting but might as well share with you a few ways I'm the bad parent when it comes to her dam phone…Maybe they will help you in parenting your child's technology.

parent your kids technology

No social media

I said this already but let me splain (not cause I owe her, or you, an explanation but so you know). There are predators out there. People who prey on young PYTs like mine.  Just waiting for them and their bad judgment to post a revealing photo and/or some type of identifying information. Then the creepy white Ariel Castro van is pulling up and I'm crying on the news. Nah son. Not happening.

Random searches

There is not to be nan password on that phone that I don't know. Which means I will check whatever, whenever. I even can check her deleted text messages. The rule is if you wouldn't say it to or in front of me, you probably shouldn't say it period.

Time limits

She has to turn that thing in every night and wait to get it handed back over in the morning. She not gone be up at all ungodly hours talking about nothing and plus it gives me time for the last point.


I'm not talking with sprint or Verizon either. I am talking I made her sign a contract agreeing to all the rules.  In the event she breaks any one of them, there will be an immediate indefinite confiscation of the electronic device. Flat out

It's hard raising kids these days. With all the technology and then all of the predators and all of the influences. Jesus help me!

Really that's all I got in this parenting thing to help me remain even slightly sain. Jesus. My homie. He is my help.

[bctt tweet=”Get a usage contract for your kids' cell phone use. You set the rules!” username=”IamKenyaRae”]

Let's stay on top of them and train them up y'all. They need us for that.

You can get your very own Technology Contract for your teen by clicking here.

Do you think I am overboard in my parenting technology restrictions? Let's talk about it…

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  1. I absolutely agree with this. My babies are only 5 and 3 however, they have their own devices. The only watch superhero or My Little Pony videos and play games. I love the contact idea (the other three are definitely a given)! You can never be too careful. There’s too much garbage circulating.

  2. I totally agree. Folks are really crazy. And Instagram? Mercy. I have all passwords – even for the 17 year old. If we pay? We control all of it – I don’t care how old he gets. He ain’t grown until he pays grown bills… LOL

  3. I love random searches, my kids are still small but I still do random searches, yesterdays search uncovered that my son has been eating chicken in his bed and hiding the bones under his pillow, I feed him I promise I don’t know why he chose to do that. .

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