I Don’t Like Working Out, But I Do It 5 Days a Week

You may think, 5 days? she has a serious workout schedule.

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It has been a few months that I have been sharing with you my workout details and fitness journey.  But I thought I should share the reasons that I actually workout.

I mean I want to be healthy and look better and all that stuff, but that ain't it.  So here it goes.

My Workout Schedule is 5 Days a Week, here's why.

workout schedule


I love food

Y'all know me by know. You've seen my IG feed, you read the blogs, you see the recipes. I have a relationship with food. Good food. Sweets. Breakfast. Lunch. And dinner too.

I workout because if I stay exclusive with my relationship with food without it. I won't look like, feel like, or be the same person.

So I go, often.

Preparation for the weekend

Don't laugh. And don't judge. But some days my workout is purely motivated by the fact that on the weekend I cheat. On weekends I don't workout and I eat goooooood. So when I'm working it and contemplating quitting, I think about the weekend ahead.

workout schedule

I prepare for the weekend by working out five days a week.

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Recover from the weekend

So this is gonna sound crazy. And you can judge if you wanna.  But you shouldn't.  mmmkay?

Typically Monday is like hangover day. The day you regret what you did last night and vow not to do it anymore.

workout schedule

It's recovery.

When I workout on Monday, it is the start of redeeming myself from the weekend I had before.

My marriage status

I'm married to a personal trainer. Need I say more?

My hubby is a certified personal trainer. And he stays in pretty good shape. I won't ever be the wife that chicks look at and say “he's married to her?”

Nope. Not gonna happen.

So while that may be vain. I don't care. I know my husband loves me. But I work out five days a week so he can have something he loves to look at.

A mom break

Let me be real. This is really my number one reason why I workout 5 days a week. And I don't even care if you judge.

I work out five days a week to get a one hour break from my four year old.

I am a work at home mom. It's a life of multi-tasking and distracted working. Not being able to have a clear thought most hours of the day.

Except that one hour.

That hour at the gym is mine. All mine. I get to hear myself think. Be by myself. And not cater to the demands of the smallest person but the biggest mouth in my house.

workout schedule

Judge me if you want. I said it.

Not to mention. He harasses me about going to the gym if I dare think I'm not going. Saying things like “I need to see my friends”. “You need to go to the gym anyway”. “It's not right that we not going to the gym”.

Over it. Pack yourself up little boy WE ARE GOING TO THE GYM.

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The crazy thing about it all is that even though I work out five days a week, you guys see my struggle to loose weight.  I ain't in my twenties anymore and my body is sure reminding me of that.

Here is my update for this month:

Workout details

I have literally been hitting the gym 5 days a week.  It has just become part of my daily routine.  I do cardio classes three days a week, and then two days I just ride the bike for an hour.

What I am eating

Haven't changed my eating habits much.  Although I probably should switch it up a bit.  I have been sacrificing sweets by and large but I still indulge  minimally.  When I gave up coffee, I switched to chai and match green tea which is made with milk.  So that is an increase in calories there.  BUT my skin is clearing up so I'm winning.

My current struggle(s)

My knees are still killing me lately.  I have good days and then not so good ones.  But I just listen to my body (most times).


I am down to 171 pounds.

Still at a turtles pace, but it's progress.  meh


Can you relate? Do you use the gym for any of these reasons?

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  1. I admire you for being so disciplined! Of late, I have found myself to be dedicated when I have a group workout. I need to figure out plan b once our group workouts are over.

  2. I have been trying to find the motivation to get back in the gym and it’s just not there. But I need to do something soon because I too have a love affiar with food.

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