The Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher | A Full Review For Your Dream Kitchen

This is a sponsored post reviewing the Bosch 800 series dishwasher in partnership with Best Buy.  It is a complete and thorough review of the features, specs, and details from my perspective.

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Recently I have been researching stoves and dishwashers.  While I am not immediately ready to make any purchases, I am always thinking about the future.  My future plans and wants, anyway.  

And one of my future plans/goals is a gas stove, one of the only things I miss from living in Ohio, and a dishwasher that has a little bit more of the gingerbread (aka features).  Namely, one that is quieter and gets my dishes cleaner on the first try.

In addition to the, you know, little things listed above, I also want it to go seamlessly with the design of the kitchen.  So I have been researching specifically Bosch integrated dishwashers.

What Is An Integrated Dishwasher?

An integrated dishwasher is designed to match the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, and while that name sounds fancy, an integrated dishwasher is also known as a built-in dishwasher.

Integrated dishwashers fit beneath the counter and can be customized to incorporate into the existing decor.

The Bosch 800 series has all different models included.  Some that are integrated dishwashers as well.

Yes, and yes, please!

Semi-Integrated vs. Fully Integrated Models

Semi-integrated models allow for customizations but with the controls still left exposed.  You can choose a finish that matches your cabinets.

bosch integrated dishwasher

Fully integrated models are able to be completely integrated into the design and are known for their controls to no longer be visible when closed.  This allows the dishwasher to be fully concealed.

While Bosch products are top quality at any level, the 800 series has a little bit extra on the gingerbread scale.

What Sets The Bosch 800 Dishwasher Series Apart?


A Bosch trademarked technology, designed to serve up better-drying results than the competition.


An intelligent sensor-based scanning tool that is continually monitoring the progress of all dishes in the load throughout the cycle.  It contains powerful spray arms that target every item of every single load to deliver the ultimate clean.

Noise Reduction

The 800 series is known for its extremely quiet operation.  Incorporating 18 unique sound-reducing technologies such as multiple insulation layers, grind free food filtration, and a sound-absorbing base.

bosch 800 series dishwasher third rack

Third Rack Spacing

The large interior provides the loading flexibility to easily accommodate up to 16 place settings. The MyWay rack, Bosch’s largest 3rd rack yet,  provides additional loading space for cereal bowls and large utensils.

Adjustable Positioning

Rackmatic® adjustable upper rack simply adjusts to nine different positions.  This allows taller items to fit in the middle rack, all while leaving room for bulky items below.  


While not exclusive to the 800 series, because every Bosch dishwasher is ENERGY STAR qualified and meets or exceeds federal guidelines, for year-round energy savings.


A feature designed to keep your floors dry.  It's a’s a leak-proof technology using sensors to prevent leaks on your floors.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Dishwasher


This is the most important consideration, especially if you are not building out around it, but rather incorporating it into what already exists.

You should measure your existing dishwasher opening with precision.  Taking into account the depth, height, and width of the area.


The Bosch 800 series has several different models and finishes.  You should be sure to find one that works with the design of your kitchen space.  And if you don’t you can go with the fully integrated model!  

This is an especially popular option for minimalists kitchens.

I am still working up my dream kitchen in my forever home.  But if you happen to be beyond the point I am at, I hope this helps.  The Bosch 800 dishwasher series is a great option for your new kitchen design and is available at Best Buy stores worldwide and online.

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