Introducing My DIY Lifestyle To My Kid With Home Depot

We didn’t plan it, but my family lives what I call a DIY lifestyle.  And what I am realizing is that the lifestyle we choose to live, whatever it is, influences and affects the person that your children become.  In some way.

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“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
― James Baldwin

We walked in Home Depot the other day to grab a few quick things. Cause we go to Home Depot like some people go to the grocery store. And as we walked in my son said, “I love Home Depot. It has everything you need.”

As I watch my son grow up it amazes me at the things he can do.

He is a boy’s boy. He runs through the house, talks loud, climbs the walls if you let him, and he loves tools.


RJ hammering into his DIY lifestyleBeing the DIY-er’s that we are, little man was born into this. Literally. We moved into a home that I saw potential in with a nice little project list when I was 8.5 months pregnant with him.

Hubby built a wall with RJ strapped to his back in a baby carrier. He had to be no more than 7 or 8 months.

When he was two, we bought him a Home Depot power tools set. No other toy under the tree mattered that year. I could have literally taken all the rest of them back.  And if I was smart that is just what I would have done.  But instead, I ended up donating almost new toys to the goodwill. Which isn’t a bad thing…

He would walk around the house with his drill and saw and tell me what he was fixing for me.

My little guy is the kind of person who needs to know how things work, why things do what they do, and ultimately how he can fix things.

kids hands using a hammer

He has a bit of his mother’s curiosity. And a lot of his dad’s handy in him.

That’s why when I discovered that Home Depot has regular kids workshops I was thrilled!  These workshops help kids experience what it feels like to build and make things with their hands.

It’s a new love affair for him. One that will teach him many lessons and ways to use his hands. And that excites me.

These workshops will allow him to find his own love and navigate his own little DIY lifestyle.

little boy doing DIY project

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hit up a Home Depot children’s workshop. It was really cool.

In this one, the children were given the tools and parts to build a miniature derby car and paint it.

home depot project instructions

RJ was excited to get to use the hammer.  And we painted it together, with him choosing his colors and placements of them.

home depot derby car

A great opportunity for some mother-son bonding.

african american mother and son

As we left he said, “Mommy thank you for coming here with me to make this cool car!”

Mission accomplished.

little boy with DIY derby car

If you are like me and didn’t know that Home Depot offered these workshops, you can see if your local Home Depot offers workshops here.

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