Balancing Foodie Love & Fitness With OrangeTheory Fitness

This post was written after a complimentary OrangeTheory workout session at my local location. But everything I am about to share with you is my true and honest opinion.

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If you didn’t know, because this is your first time here, or you don’t ever check my Instagram stories to know, that I am madly in love with Food.

Like me and Food? We go together.

I love to cook cause I love to eat. I show other people I love them by putting good food in their bellies. Food is my love language y’all!

But I know that I can in no way maintain my relationship with food and keep it going strong without having some sort of workout plan.

Can I confess something?

I don’t have a workout plan. I mean I have a gym membership and I go when I need to

  1. Get out the house
  2. Get my kid out the house
  3. Feel better about not being able to fit something anymore
  4. Or any other crazy reason

But I have completely fallen off my routine and there is no sort of plan around these parts for my fitness.

Not good. Not good at all friends.

I have been a little irresponsible and knowingly slacking on taking care of my physical health.

By and large, I try to make sure we eat pretty well. But physical activity is needed to not only stay in shape and look good. But it helps you feel good too!

I want to share 5 ways to ensure you get in some regular exercise no matter your fitness level

5 Ways To Get & Stay Active Regularly

Get outside

Having young kids occasionally gets me outdoors.  But because my hubby is usually out there any way tinkering around, I don't necessarily have to.  It is, however, a good way to be active.  And even if you don’t have young children or grandchildren, you can always just go for a walk around your neighborhood. Or jump on your bike and ride around. Or even walk to the nearby store instead of driving.

Now keep in mind that the best time to do this is either early in the day, or late afternoon/early evening.

Particularly if you are in the south like me. The middle of the day is NOT when you wanna get outside and exercise.

Go Shopping

Head to the mall or your local shopping center and get your steps up by store hopping.

Now I won’t be held responsible for the amount of money you spend on said shopping trips, but I’m just trying to help you get it in how you live. Mmmkay?

Go to a Fitness Center

This past weekend I got up and out my bed and on a rainy Saturday. The kind perfect for sleeping in a little later than normal.  And I headed to my local OrangeTheory Fitness center.

I am married to a CPT (certified personal trainer) and still, nothing about working out excites me. I just don’t really care for working out. Shoot me.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. It was actually the quickest one-hour workout I can recall having in all of ever.

The OrangeTheory Workout
OrangeTheory workout results
Workout results are displayed and even emailed to you when your workout is complete.

With a non-traditional gym approach focusing on your heart rate and workout intensity this program is geared to have you toning, shedding and shredding in no time.  The workouts are backed by science and focus on getting your heart rate in a zone that is optimal for burning calories and increasing your metabolism even after leaving the gym.

Eric (trainer) and my partner, Kristen

I loved that the walls were lined with motivational statements to help you push through and the group training format allowed for encouragement and even partnership for your workout.  But was designed in a way that everyone with different fitness levels and goals could participate without feeling intimidated or unable to keep up.

The best part was that there was good music. Part of what makes or breaks a workout for me, particularly a class, is the music.

There’s something about when you have formed in your mind that you can’t push any further and that bass drops, making you feel like you got a full tank of gas.

When class was over I felt so good I came home and went straight into finishing my projects I had left unfinished the night before. Those endorphins were in full gear!

And unlike my normal preferred workouts of Step or Zumba class, my knees weren't achy because I was able to easily make modifications to the exercises to accommodate my bad knees.


You don’t even have to leave your house to get up, turn some music on and just dance. You’d be surprised how many calories are burned from dancing.

When I was back home in Cleveland, I’d go line dancing on Monday’s and my steps and calories burned would be through the roof.

Come to think of it, I need to see if I can find a line dancing spot here in NC. I miss that fun.

Yard Work

Working out in the yard is another good workout. Around here I do a riding mower, but the clean up is a good workout too. Especially if you get into pulling weeds, trimming hedges and such.

Again, you don't want to do this mid day either.  Earlier or later in the day is best.

There are so many ways to get in some activity. These are just a few. I strongly suggest you doing something whether you are a foodie or not.

Movement and activity are so good for the body and the soul.

I am thinking my new plan will include some regular visits to OrangeTheory fitness. That workout gave me everything I needed during and even after class.  And with workouts all of the US and even outside the country, there is really excuse.

I encourage you to schedule a complimentary session to see if the science behind OrangeTheory fitness should be a part of your plan too!

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