5 Fundamentals For Going From a Good to Great Workout

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If you are like me you are not a fan of working out.  But when you do workout, you want it to be a great workout and maximize on the time.

A great workout for me is one where I had fun, break a sweat, listen to good music and tricked myself into not realizing I am doing a thing I don't like to do.

So here I am again, checking in with my fitness update and dropping a few gems on how to make sure you have a great workout, when you work out.

5 Tips To Making Every Workout a Great Workout

5 Fundamentals For Going From a Good to Great Workout

Have Proper Equipment

Did you know that depending on what you are doing, you could need different types of shoes?

I realized that when I would do zumba my knee would hurt.  I already have bad knees but I love zumba, so I didn’t want to quit.  One of my classmates told me she had the same problem.  Until she realized that she had the wrong shoes.

I was wearing running shoes, which are designed to make sure you don’t slip.  But in dancing, you need shoes that will give you room to slide a bit.

So make sure that you have on the proper shoes for the workout that you are doing.  Here are a few suggestions:

Running Shoes

Shoes Good For Dancing

Spinning Shoes

Dressing Properly

When you head out for a workout you have to make sure that you have on proper workout gear.  I personally always wear an extra layer to help me sweat.  My preference is neoprene shorts like these that I wear under my workout pants. I pair it with a neoprene waistband like this one that I wear over a tank but under my actual workout shirt. So I essentially have on two shirts. When I take them off I have indeed sweated it out.

The nice thing about the neoprenes is that I don’t feel the sweat until I take off the neoprenes.  It is like it holds it all in.

this is how I get dressed for my workout – tank, neoprene(s), & workout pants on top of everything
neoprene post workout
This is how my tank looks after I take my waistband off

I personally like to wear fitted bottoms to help with not feeling the sweating.  Here is a good example of the pants I like to wear.  The always have spandex in them.

Workout Pants

My top depends on what I am doing.  Some days I do tee’s, some days I do a cute workout tanks.  You can find some of both here in my shop.

Then there is your equipment.  If you are doing any type of activity such as yoga or classes that will require you to lay on the floor, make sure you have  your own mat.  Most gyms will have them, but I personally prefer to have my own.  And they are not expensive.

Workout Mats

Also you have to make sure that you can have your tunes right with you.  Here are some recommendations for your music equipment.

Music Gear

Good Music

There is nothing worse than trying to workout and not being able to get in the groove.  The music is one of the reasons I have not found a spinning class I like here in Raleigh since I moved.

My spinning class back home was THE BOMB!  The music was a good music of pop and hip hop and variety for everyone.  The tempo always made me want to move.  Sometimes at the end when I wanted to give up, the song that would come on would be what would push me through.

I make sure that I have my music choices together via Pandora or Apple Music.  Here is a playlist you might like if you are into the Thugbanger Hip Hop and you have Apple Music, for your workout.  Which I am.

[bctt tweet=”Get @IamKenyaRae ‘s ThugBanger Hip Hop Workout Playlist #fire” via=”no”]

Here is one if you prefer something more along the lines of Pop Music, which is my second favorite.  If you are not listening to these two things to get through a workout, you may be doing it wrong.

I’m just saying. *shrugs*

Find Enjoyable Activities

This may be the most important one.  Make sure you find activities you like and want to do.  Things that you look forward to.  I personally don’t like to do strength training classes.  I will.  But if I am being honest these are the ones I will make an excuse to skip.

But something like Spinning (with the right music), Step, or Zumba, I look forward to.

For strength training, I tend to like to make my own routines and hit the general workout area.  Or get in a workout session with my hubby, who is a certified personal trainer.

Find what works and do you!

Stay Hydrated

Lastly, make sure that you are staying hydrated.  You should be drinking water regularly throughout the day.  Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated before and after your workout.  And depending on what you are doing doing during too.

So here is my progress update for this past month.

Workout details

I haven't been as good with working out this month.  There have been a few things that have affected me this  month.  Our trip to Cleveland for a week, I did not workout at all.  On average this month I have worked out 3 days a week.  Usually attending a class like Step or Zumba.  I haven't done any non-class workouts.

What I am eating

Still maintaining my breakfast and lunch routine.  I am still eating Quaker Oatmeal cups for breakfast, if I have breakfast.  I know it is the most important meal, but sometimes I just don't feel hungry so I don't eat.  Lunch pretty much still consists of a lean cuisine or something like that.  Dinner has been pretty healthy all month.  Still making things that are quick and easy and mostly healthy.  If the meal is a heavier meal, I just try to eat less.  Some days I cut out carbs or meat in my meals.

My current struggle(s)

The main struggle is consistency and these bad knees.  My workouts depend on how they are feeling or any given day.  Some days I rock, some days I wonder if I need to leave the class early.

The warmer it get outside the better I feel and more motivated to keep at it.


I am still right around 177 pounds. My most recent weigh in was 176 to be exact.

I gained weight when I went back home to Cleveland because I didn't work out and I ate  at some of my most favorite, not healthy places.  The older I get, I realize that my body requires me to work out, it is not optional.

I do however see my body changing.  There is some “lifting” and toning that is happening in certain parts so that is progress for me.

How did you do with your fitness goals for this past month?

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  1. Music is def important, I was in the gym on a cruise and Beyonce came. Let me tell you I got energy to finish the workout. I’m the same way, I dont like to go to the gym but once I go, I do ok. Thanks for the post reminds me I need to get moving.

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